10 Ways on How to Disrupt Security Cameras

If you have a nosy neighbor who points their security camera to your house, you can avail of various ways to blind them. Check the methods listed in this article on how to disrupt security cameras.

Determine if the Surveillance Camera is Fake

High Angle View Of Security Equipment On Blueprint In Office

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Before deciding to blind a neighbor’s security camera, I first ensure that it is real. Sometimes, people use fake cameras to mislead possible robbers and save money. If this is the case, I don’t need to blind the CCTV cameras.

For instance, I first observe if the camera has a red light at night or if there are wires to it. Moreover, I first determine if the security camcorder is working or not. If I notice that it is on, I’ll decide if I need to disrupt it or not.

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Talk to the Neighbor

Neighbors across the fenceA beneficial and straightforward way to blind the neighbor’s surveillance device is to have a conversation with him. Your neighbor may not know that his camera is pointing directly to your backyard or window.

So, before disrupting the camera, you can first talk to your neighbor about it. You can tell him that you’re not comfortable about having his camera point at your house.

Then, you can say to him politely to reposition his camera.


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Install Your Security Camera

Cctv camera technician recording serial numberYou may have a nosy neighbor who points his outdoor security apparatus at your house. In most cases, it is pointless to reason with them. Thus, to get back at him, you can put up your surveillance camera legally in your property.

You can have a pan-tilt-zoom camera facing your neighbor’s house so you can catch him on video if he causes trouble. He won’t know where it is pointing. Furthermore, you can identify the details by zooming in. Some people find this tactic effective in blinding their neighbor’s camera.

Ask a Mediator’s Help

If a neighbor becomes unreasonable after I talk to him, I seek the help of other people.

For instance, I can report the issue to a local community organization or a mediation center in my neighborhood. Other people can help in settling the problem without a need to escalate it further.

Talk to the Police or a Lawyer

If the annoying nearby residents dabble into voyeurism, you can report them to the police or consult a lawyer.

You can ask for other people’s help in blinding their surveillance cameras. You can sue them if the camera has a clear picture of your home’s interior and uses it as criminal harassment.


Use LED lights

This strategy will only work if you are precise and quick. You need powerful LED lights to do it successfully. Also, this trick only works in enclosed spaces or at night.

You need to know the exact location of the camera. Then, you need to point the LED light to the camera’s lens. If you are successful in doing this technique, no one watching the video clip will recognize you. However, that person will know that someone is out there blinding the surveillance camera.

You must be able to hold the light steadily because if the light beams drop from the lens, anyone watching the video will recognize you because your face will be visible. You can also put infrared LEDs on your clothing, hat, or headband. Another strategy is to wear a LED mask. However, ensure that the LED lights are bright enough to cover your face without blinding you.

Use Infrared Laser

Aside from LED lights, I also use an infrared laser that I point to the camera lens directly. This strategy is less harsh than the first technique. However, it requires more precision than the previous approach because the camera will capture the face if the laser pointer strays away from it even for a brief moment.

Unlike the first strategy, using one works at any time of the day or night. It is difficult to tell if the laser points toward the camera or not. Also, this approach only works if there is only one camera.

Covering the Lens

Rubbing any viscous substance on the camera lens will disrupt it. However, you need to ensure that you include the entire glass. Moreover, you must be careful not to reveal your identity as you approach the spy cam. Also, you cannot leave any fingerprint on the device. You can also use an opaque material like tape, bag, or any fabric.

This approach is the least practical because the motion detection camera will capture your image even before you can cover its lens.

Use a camera jammer

A surveillance camera jammer has various sizes. But, if you are wondering how it looks like, it is similar to TV remote control. A discrete and handy device can disrupt Bluetooth signals and camera recording. Some models have GPS tracking and cellphone calls blocker.

You can bring it wherever you go because you can put it in your bag or pocket. The camera jammer will disrupt signals, and you can go on with your activities in full privacy. However, you must first determine the broadcast frequency of the camera so that you can purchase the right equipment to disrupt it.

camera jammer

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Put Grown Trees or Tall Shrubs to Block off the Camera

Another excellent strategy is to plant tall shrubs or grown trees on the spot where the camera is pointing. You can also use shade or curtain to block the surveillance item. A privacy fence, yard shade sails, or bamboo curtains are useful tools too.


Hack the Security Camera

Using a laptop, you can hack a security camera if it connects through Wi-Fi. You need to be within the range of your neighbor’s router to determine the Wi-Fi network’s name, the router’s unique address, and the camera’s Internet address using free software tools.

You can send a de-authorization packet to the camera to disconnect it from the network temporarily. If you continuously send the packets, you can continue to disrupt it. You don’t need to be on the Wi-Fi network to hack the surveillance camera.

Learning how to disrupt security cameras is not an easy task. But, if you find out that you have nosy neighbors and their cameras are making you uncomfortable, you can devise ways to resolve the issue. If you feel that they are violating your privacy, you can even sue them.

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