Easy Ways on Disguising Your Security Camera for an Effective Security

Everywhere you look nowadays, you’ll definitely find security cameras scattered around your area. Whether you are in the streets, riding public transportation, outside or inside shops or establishments, and even houses, you will find these devices installed.

This is because people appreciate how significant having these devices in places that are difficult to monitor.

It’s not that we are not safe anymore from people or privacy is not being respected anymore. What people should think more is that security cameras are a great help when it comes to proving the truth.

With these devices, you don’t have to play the blaming game or accuse someone without strong evidence.

At first, I didn’t appreciate these security cameras, especially those cameras installed at my friends’ home. Every time I visit, I just get the feeling that I don’t have my privacy because I’m always being monitored.

However, putting myself in my friends’ shoes, I would also do the same thing if I want security in my house. At least, when you have these cameras rolling, you’ll certainly feel secured, and you can monitor whatever they are doing real time.

So what are security cameras anyway? How are these devices useful in establishments or how vital are these to people? We’ll find out more about these important devices.


What Security Cameras Are and Why These Are Beneficial?

Closed-circuit television

Security cameras are devices that can produce recordings and images, just like other kinds of cameras being sold in the market. Most of the time, people are familiar with security cameras as closed-circuit television or CCTV. Keeping it short and simple, these are the kinds of cameras you often see on top-corner parts of a wall.

Mainly, the purpose of it is to monitor all the happenings inside the room of a shop or any establishments. It monitors what people are currently doing, if employees are doing their assigned jobs or if there’s an on-going crime incident. It records it as well, helping you keep vital records that you may use in future time.

These devices serve as the 24-hour eyes for a specific area, and it’s very workable these days for people since its main purpose is to provide security and safety. Of course, security guards still play a big role when it comes to security; it’s just that with security cameras, you no longer need to blame anyone as you can see the truth by yourself.

Security cameras are admired because of their advantages. As it functions more than fancy cameras, here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a security camera installed:

  • Security cameras prevent crime – This is where security cameras are mostly used; to monitor crime. It’s used to monitor and catch criminals easily, which is why crooks back-out upon seeing these cameras. Through this, it prevents them from doing whatever wrongdoing they are planning to do, and it’s a great help in preventing crime.
  • Security cameras prevent employee thievery – If you’re running a business, you know that trust is clearly the foundation of the employer and the employee’s relationship. You wouldn’t want to blame anyone without valid evidence, and they wouldn’t do anything wrong if they know they are being monitored through these devices.
  • Security cameras are great proofs – Since security cameras provide pieces of evidence. You will no longer have a hard time finding out what really happened. The recorded videos aren’t fake, especially the raw file from the camera. You don’t have to depend on someone to tell you the truth.
  • Security cameras are great for monitoring – You can leave security cameras unsupervised since they can record on their own. You can also count on these cameras for real-time monitoring. It’s a helpful device when it comes to monitoring elderly folks or children. Moreover, it’s great for monitoring your things.

These are just some of the great advantages of having security cameras installed in your place. You may think or worry about investing in such devices because it’s not a cheap investment, but I guarantee you; you’ll see the worth of having these installed at your place in time.


Different Kinds of Security Cameras for Your Consideration

Security camera

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People are familiar with how a security camera looks like and its purposes, on why it’s a vital device in your day-to-day operation or life. However, not all of us are very familiar with the different kinds of security cameras available in the market.

I used to have security cameras installed outside my house, and at first, I really thought that there’s only one kind because it’s the usual camera I see in shops. Then I stumbled on a highly-secured establishment and noticed how the security cameras there differ from what’s installed at my house. That’s when I got curious more and decided to explore the different kinds of security cam further.

Here are some of the most recognized kinds of security camera for you to consider checking:

  • Dome Camera – This kind is one of the most popular security cameras in the market, and it’s what I have at home. It’s great because people have difficulty in determining where the device is facing. It’s easy to install, a great IR night vision, and vandal-resistant features.
  • Bullet Camera – This kind is also one of the most used security cameras, especially outdoors. It’s known for distance viewing, and it can easily be attached with its mounting bracket. It has a great IR night vision as well, and it provides high-quality resolution. Furthermore, it’s installed with protective casings.
  • PTZ or Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera – This kind is versatile and popular because of its ability to move from left to right, up and down. It’s great for zooming in with x36 optical zoom, and it’s known for its 200m IR night vision feature.

If you think of buying security cameras, you can certainly refer to these three kinds to see which is suitable for what you’re looking for.


Some Hacks on How You Can Hide Your Security Camera Once Installed

pretty female cctv installing security camera

So now you have your security camera, what do you need to do next?

Why search for “20 hacks on how to disguise a security camera” from various search engines online when you have this article? If you prefer to have your security camera hidden more than being displayed, here are some hacks on how you can disguise your device:

  • You can hide your security camera under ceilings, soffits or eaves. It’s a great place for you to install your device because of the view and people will have a difficulty spotting it because it’s far.
  • You can put your security camera in a birdhouse. It’s one of the most creative ways because who would even know that there’s a camera in there? Just make sure your camera is not being blocked by obstacles.
  • You can put your security camera behind any glass window. There may be a chance that it can be seen, but one thing’s for sure, burglars or anyone outside your house will have a hard time disabling it.
  • You can hide your camera using camouflage skins. Another effective disguise is dressing your device with an apt skin in order for it to blend with its surroundings.
  • You can also put your cameras on everyday objects. You can hide these on smoke detectors, desk plants, bookshelves, fake rocks, fake hanging potted plants, and tissue boxes.
  • You can hide your security cameras on bushes or trees near your house. This is also a great way to disguise your camera. It’s going to be difficult to tell where the camera is as it blends with the branches.

If you have finally decided to purchase security cameras, these hacks will certainly be helpful in disguising your cameras for greater results. Regardless of what kind you prefer to use, you can disguise it creatively.

It’s about time you put safety and security on a higher level by considering these smart devices.

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