Top 5 Best Small Dehumidifier (A Full Detailed Review 2020)

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a small dehumidifierBacteria, molds, and other harmful particles love to live in areas where there is too much moisture. As a result, it creates unhealthy air and may endanger not just your health but the entire household. The bacteria also produce unpleasant odors and stuffiness that may affect your environment.

To deal with this problem, you need to look for the best small dehumidifier. The small machine can eliminate the excess moisture that will help keep your home a healthier place for everyone living in it. These mini-dehumidifiers are plug-ins units that have the capability of reducing the water vapor in your room and forcing it out. Finding the right small dehumidifier is not an easy task as there are thousands of brands that you can choose from.

For those living in hot and humid weather and also in flood-prone areas, a dehumidifier is a must. The unit also helps in reducing allergic reactions to prevent the dust from scattering into the air and inhibit the growth and smell of mold and mildew. A small portable dehumidifier can be transported easily from one place to another.

So, what will you do to find the best unit? You need to know what features to check when choosing. And to make it easier for you, we have written this buying guide to help you decide.

Included in this review are the top 5 best small dehumidifiers that you can consider buying. Your budget could be an issue, but don’t worry, there are cheap dehumidifiers that are worth buying for, and some of them are listed below.

Comparison for My Favorite Small Dehumidifiers Products

Dehumidifiers are of different types, capabilities and qualities and you can have knowledge about those through comparison. An analysis of different dehumidifiers lets you understand about each and then a better conclusion can be drawn. With the help of this comparison table, you will be able to identify the best suitable dehumidifier for your place:

Product Name
Consumers’ Favorite
Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier 1200 Cubic Feet (215 sq ft) - Portable...
Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White
SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (225 sq ft) Portable...
Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet, Peltier...

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier This lightweight and portable model with an 18oz water tank works excellent in small areas like bedrooms, boats, cars, and small homes.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier This small and compact model is recommended for your RV, as it is durable, energy-efficient, portable and can remove moisture from the room up to 150 Sq. ft.

This ultra-quiet and Peltier dehumidifier is recommended for homeowners who are looking for a little larger, energy-efficient and stylish unit.

Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier This portable and powerful model is best for small areas up to 170 Sq. Ft. like bathrooms, garage, vans and boats.

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier 1200 Cubic Feet (215 sq ft) - Portable...

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier This lightweight and portable model with an 18oz water tank works excellent in small areas like bedrooms, boats, cars, and small homes.

Product Name
Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier This small and compact model is recommended for your RV, as it is durable, energy-efficient, portable and can remove moisture from the room up to 150 Sq. ft.

Consumers’ Favorite
SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (225 sq ft) Portable...

This ultra-quiet and Peltier dehumidifier is recommended for homeowners who are looking for a little larger, energy-efficient and stylish unit.

Product Name
Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet, Peltier...

Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier This portable and powerful model is best for small areas up to 170 Sq. Ft. like bathrooms, garage, vans and boats.

Top 5 Small Dehumidifiers

#1. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier 1200 Cubic Feet (215 sq ft) - Portable...


To get rid of the musty odors, excess moisture, and allergens, you cannot go wrong with the Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier.

Compact and Lightweight

If you are in search of a compact, lightweight, and small dehumidifier that you can easily move from one place to another, then Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier is what you need. It can take up water up to 18 oz within 24 hours from the humid air. This machine is very efficient.

Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology

It has a thermo-electric cooling technology that does not require a compressor to work. You can position it in your bedroom at night since it does not produce any sound. It is the best option if you want to install it in your bedroom.

Built-in Sensor

The unit has a reliable sensor that will get triggered automatically if the possibility of overflowing begins to creep in. The dehumidifier will shut off automatically. In emptying the tank, simply remove it from the dehumidifier, pull the plug out and then throw the water in the sink or drain it with the use of a water outlet. Return the tank in the dehumidifier and start over again.

Things we like

  • 16-oz water tank capacity
  • No maintenance cost
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • 9-oz moisture-free air per day
  • Quiet thermoelectric technology
  • Compact design and lightweight

Things we do not like

  • No battery back up
  • Not recommended for large spaces


#2. Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White


This dehumidifier applies Peltier technology, which makes it lightweight and operates quietly. It is recommended to be placed in small to midsize rooms where there is an issue about humidity and dampness.

Noise Level

The product has whisper technology that keeps the machine run quietly. It is best for those who want the dehumidifier to be placed in their bedroom. The noise this unit produced is an average of 50.9 dB.

Moisture Removal

This unit can hold up to 8 oz of water, which means you don’t have to dump the water continually. The Eva-Dryp EDV-1100 removes the moisture efficiently at a fast rate. But, it is best to use this unit only in smaller rooms such as offices or bathrooms. By doing so, you can benefit a lot from using this machine.

Auto shut-off

This feature will help you in conserving energy and improving its efficiency. If the humidity levels are quite low, the device will shut off automatically. Also, the device has an indicator light to inform you when the device needs to be emptied. This is designed for the user’s convenience. With other brands, you need to check the water levels manually.

Things we like

  • Durable
  • Extremely quiet
  • Has an indicator light
  • Good moisture tank capacity
  • Priced reasonably

Things we do not like

  • Not recommended for bigger spaces


#3. hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier

No products found.

No products found.

This is an excellent choice for a home with limited spaces. Although the physical look of the dehumidifier is not as important as the other features, it is still worth mentioning that it has a stunning design.

Compact Design

It is lightweight and portable and can be easily transported from one room to another. It has a 16-oz capacity and can collect up to 9 oz of moisture every day from the air proving its capability in purifying the air for small areas.

Thermoelectric Peltier

This Peltier dehumidifier operates quietly and is also energy efficient. There will be no significant increase in your electric bill. It’s a thermoelectric. It does not require a compressor – meaning the air collecting is done quietly with a thermoelectric Peltier.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

It has an auto shut-off feature, which gives you peace of mind that the tank will not overflow. It does not matter where you are using it. The unit will surely keep the allergens at bay and keep the area clean and safe for you and your family.

Things we like

  • Removable filter for ease of cleaning
  • Operates quietly
  • Compact and portable design
  • Automatic shut-off when full
  • Energy efficient

Things we do not like

  • Need to be shut-off every 12 hours


#4. SEAVON New Electric 2020 Mini Dehumidifier

SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (225 sq ft) Portable...


Here is another brand that continuously provides a quality product, the Seavon. Their mini dehumidifier has a stylish design with great features. It is an excellent add on in any of your rooms to keep the air clean and safe for the entire family.

Operate Quietly and Efficiently

It has a built-in thermoelectric cooling technology known as Peltier. The unit does not require a compressor, which makes it run in a silent mode. You can position it in your office, bedroom, and bathroom. Best for small room and you can use it at night without disturbing your sleep.

High Capacity Tank

The tank capacity of this unit is 16 ounce or 500 ml and can collect up to 8 ounces of moisture every day. It can work efficiently in humid environments with ease and help prevent the formation of mold and mildew as well as eliminate the moldy smell in the air. It works well in areas with a temperature range of 59 to 86 Fahrenheit. It is not effective below 41 degrees.

Auto-Shut-Off Feature

This dehumidifier shut-off automatically once it detected that the water is full. The LED light turns red to signal that the water tank needs to be drained. Removing and returning the water tank is easy.

Things we like

  • Operates without noise
  • Automatic shut off when water tank is full
  • Easy to drain
  • Portable and durable
  • Tank capacity is 16 oz or 500ml

Things we do not like

  • Works slowly as compared to other units



#5. Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet, Peltier...


This Gurin Dehumidifier is very efficient in providing a clean and safe environment for your family. It features advanced technology, which is an excellent option for small homes. If you are looking for a dehumidifier that is not only stylish but functional as well, this is the right choice.

Auto-Shut Off Feature

This dehumidifier has a whisper-quiet technology. It has an auto-shutoff feature that stops automatically when full. The LED light turns on to warn you that the water tank needs to be drained. Emptying and returning the water tank is easy. With this feature, overflowing is prevented.  The power adaptor needed is 9V DC.

Thermoelectric Dehumidifier

This unit consumes less energy, and it has been approved by the UL and CE, meaning you not see any significant changes in your electric bill. Also, since it can extract eight ounces of moisture each day, you will have a clean and safe environment. The thermoelectric dehumidifier has a built-in thermoelectric cooling technology, and it operates without compressor, thus producing less to no noise.

Compact and Portable Design

The unit is lightweight and portable, which makes transferring it from one room to another easy. It only weighs around 2.6 pounds, and it operates with a compressor. Thus it does not produce any annoying sound. You can install it in your bedroom, office, and bathroom and operates without disturbing you while you are sleeping.

Things we like

  • Approved by UL and CE
  • Efficient electric technology
  • Operates quietly with its thermoelectric Peltier feature
  • Spill-proof water tank
  • Automatic shut-off feature

Things we do not like

  • Not recommended for bigger spaces


Why Look for A Small Dehumidifier?


a old woman checks her small dehumidifier

A small dehumidifier will fit well in a small apartment and effectively provide all the benefits for your space, and yourself. They get rid of the dangerous variables that can harm people inside the house. Here are some reasons why you should look for a small dehumidifier.

Prevents Mold from Forming

Mold can become dangerous in larger quantities, which puts the member of the family’s health inside the house at risk. These fungal species can cause allergies and may trigger asthma attacks. Molds live and multiply in damp air, and a dehumidifier can eliminate the excess moisture to prevent new molds from growing.

Improves Air Quality

The quality of air inside your house is not only measured in the number of bacteria in the air that you may or may not breathe, but also by the level of the humidity in the room. The air purifier is effective in keeping the air clean, but a dehumidifier plays a vital role in improving the quality of air inside your house.

The truth is, no matter how many air purifiers are running in your home, it is impossible to maintain the quality of air at a healthy level in your home if the humidity is high.

Gets Rid of Dust Mites

Dehumidifiers will not just improve the air quality in your home. It will also get rid of the dust mites that might be causing you or members of your family to wheeze so much. The dust mites are a common culprit of many allergy-related symptoms as well as asthma, and they usually stay in humid, warm climates.

The machine will maintain the humidity in the room at the right level, thus eliminating the dust mites that might be thriving in the atmosphere.

It is impossible to get rid of these tiny mites completely. There are other things that you can do to limit their occurrence. You can create an unfavorable environment for them to live in to prevent the possible health disease they might cause.

Keeps Your Home Protected

The structural integrity of your house can get damaged with high humidity. In the long run, moisture can weaken the wood in your home, which makes them warp, split, or crack. Once the mold starts to grow in the wall, it can affect the metal fittings and cause them to rust. And the reason for this is the high humidity in the house. A dehumidifier can prevent your home from deteriorating at the same time it can create a healthier place to live with your family.

Provides a Comfortable Place to Live

If there is moisture in the air, the temperature may be higher than usual. Removing moisture in the air will make you feel comfortable without the need to open the air conditioner. You can adjust the settings on the thermostat to save some energy. This applies mainly during the summer season.

Designed For Any Room

It does not matter which part of your house requires a dehumidifier, as there is one designed specifically for it. There is a dehumidifier intended mainly for the living room, basement, and others. Some dehumidifiers are created to be used in all the spaces in your home, to provide the environment you want.

You can find a low-temperature operation in some dehumidifiers that you can use in weather as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes these appliances ideal for year-round use. Most home dehumidifiers have casters for easy transport from one room to another.

Where to Install the Dehumidifier?

a old woman is trying to install her newly purchased small dehumidifier in her living roomMost homeowners find the portable type of dehumidifier easier to install and use. Also, it is more affordable than others. Another significant benefit of a portable dehumidifier is that you can move it around with ease. This feature is beneficial for those with bigger houses or requires temporary dehumidification. The only drawback is that it has a limited operational range and can handle a medium-sized room.

If you prefer a portable dehumidifier, the room must be big enough that the machine can support it. Install it in a place that requires it most. For instance, basements are usually prone to dampness. Other areas that need dehumidification include kitchens and bathrooms with poor ventilation.

If you are not sure where to install the dehumidifier, it is best to consider how noisy the machine is. Since it has fans to circulate the air, you should not place it in an area where the noise would become a nuisance. Hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms are usually dehumidifier-free.

If the entire house is experiencing humid conditions, a portable unit won’t be enough. That is a fact if you depend mostly on a central air (HVAC) system to control the climate in your house. The solution is to purchase a whole-home dehumidifier. You can integrate it directly into your present HVAC system and are strong enough to handle thousands of square feet in size. But, it requires professional installation and is quite costly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Small Dehumidifier

Portable Mobile Room Air Conditioner as Climate Control SystemYou always want the best for your family. It is the same when choosing a small dehumidifier. To be able to get one, you need to focus on the essential features a good dehumidifier should possess. This will help you decide which unit is right for any type of space.

Dimensions and Weight

For a bigger basement or attic that can accommodate any side of a dehumidifier, the dimensions are not a big concern. Smaller areas, such as kitchen, bathroom, or in an RV, are not as big as the rooms mentioned. For these areas, you need a compact model that will fit easily in the corner or on a counter without disturbing your daily activities.

The models we have reviewed here are small in size but very efficient. Some of them are less than a foot high and six inches in height and weight. Smaller units are intended to be more portable as compared to the bigger models, which is why they are much lighter. Thus, it is easier to move them around, even if it has some water on it.

Coverage Area

One of the important you need to consider when choosing a dehumidifier is the coverage area. You would not want a unit that is not capable of keeping the area clean and safe to live with. For example, a dehumidifier has a coverage area of 300 square feet. It only means that it can easily clean the air and remove moisture in a room this smaller. Most of the smaller units work well in cubicles, bathrooms, closets, and can dehumidify for a grow tent.

Noise Level

If you place a dehumidifier in the laundry room or basement, the noise level is not an essential factor at all. However, if you will need the unit for other rooms in the house, then noise levels matter a lot. In areas like a kitchen or bedroom, the noise level will be a vital feature, particularly if you are having dinner or want to sleep.

Because of this, you need the best rated small dehumidifier units on the market that is known to operate quietly, so it won’t disturb your daily activities like watching TV, talking with your guest and others.

Tank Capacity

Dehumidifier units are available in different tank sizes so that some water tanks can hold a lot of water, and others are limited. Smaller reservoirs are lighter and easier to move when it is time to be emptied, but since most of them can hold less water, you are required to do the emptying more often. Bigger tanks can take more water, and most of the time, it needs to be emptied every few days, it depends on the humidity levels of your home.

The unit will become heavier if there is more water in the tank which makes it harder to carry, particularly once it reach their maximum capacity. If you want a unit that does not require emptying every now and then, choose the one with a bigger tank. But, if you are having trouble carrying the extra weight, then buy a smaller container and drain the water regularly.

Some models have continuous draining features, so you don’t have to deal with the emptying tank. Simply attach a drain hose to the tank and empty it into a sink.

Dehumidification Performance

This refers to how moisture a unit can remove from the air every day. Dehumidifier units indicate how much moisture they can carry. Some can remove up to 11 ounces within 24-hour while others are lower. The humidity and the temperature of the room can be affected by this.

If the temperature is higher, the amount of moisture removed may increase, while lower levels will result in a decrease in moisture removal. Each model has a different performance level, so it is best to check on the humidity level in your house and make sure to keep the temperature at the level recommended by the unit.


Bigger dehumidifiers available in the market has different controls for particular functions. One feature is the fan speed, how you will run the dehumidifier slower or faster, depending on the room humidity level.

The desired or required humidity level is yet another possible option, which enables you to set it to the percentage you preferred. The unit will shut down automatically when the set level is reached. Keep in mind that not all room dehumidifiers do not have these added features, so make sure that you choose the right one.


One of the essential features that you should be looking for is the warranty. There were instances when the one you got in the market got easily damage because you have done something wrong, then the warranty will cover everything. Repairs recondition and the warranty can cover others without extra cost.

The coverage of the warranty is something that you should focus on. The longer the duration, the more time you can try your product to make sure that it is working correctly. Others have warranties that cover for a year. Some are offered much longer, up to the five-year limited warranty. Make sure that you know exactly what you are getting before you make your purchase.

Added Features

Though the primary function of a dehumidifier is to get off the moisture from the air, some features can use these little units more functional. The automatic shut-off which turns of the machine when it detects the tank is full is an excellent added feature. The LED light or LCD indicator signals if the dehumidifier is running or the tank needs to be drained.

A drain hose enables you to connect the dehumidifier tank near a drain or sink, so there is no need for you to do it manually. The filters can make it simpler to clean the unit, keeps it running longer and smoother. It also has a stylish design so you can place it in your common areas like the living room so that guests can see it. The built-in handles enable you to move the dehumidifier easily from one area to another.

Final Thoughts


The best small dehumidifier for small areas like the bathroom and bedroom is the best way to make sure that the air of your home is clean and free from molds and other particles. It will keep the area at the right temperature, humidity, and allergen-free. It also helps improve the smell of the room.

The best dehumidifier is not easy to choose. They were considering the size, power consumption, moisture capacity, and other features it might have. For instance, the best bedroom dehumidifiers will have a larger tank capacity, a larger ACH, and a bigger CFM.

All of the above dehumidifiers mentioned have many similar useful features, but some have a bit more to offer as compared to other units.

Hopefully, this small dehumidifier review will help you make the right decision. Every item listed here has been used and tested by other customers – and most of them are satisfied and happy with the results. A comfortable and clean house is a moisture-free one where you can breathe fresh air – so it is must that you invest in the best small dehumidifier for small room.

If you have something to share, your experience in a particular unit, and others, feel free to comment below. Also, if you have questions about small dehumidifiers we have not discussed in this post, you write them on the comment box..

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that I need a dehumidifier?

The most useful thing to do is to check your house around. If you find any mold starting to form anywhere in your house, a mildew smell, rotting wood, or condensation on your windows, these are the indications that there is excess moisture in your home.

Allergy symptoms such as sneezing or coughing too much can be due to bacteria or mold growth, signs of increase moisture levels. Other causes of too much moisture are spring run-off or water damage. The dehumidifier can be very helpful in reducing humidity.

What is the effective way of preventing water spillage?

One of the effective ways to prevent water spillage is by the use of a dehumidifier with auto shut-off when the tank is full. It automatically turns off the unit to avoid overflowing. Another way to prevent it is by choosing a unit with a drain. This enables you to connect a hose to drain it easily. You need to check the tank often. The higher the water level in the tank when you remove it, the heavier it will be to lift and carry to the drainage when it is time to empty it.

What does continuous drain option mean?

The continuous drain option lets you connect a hose in the tank. This will help you empty the tank easily as it fills, so no need for you to remove the container and carry it to the sink or drain. The continuous draining will keep the tank from overflowing, so there is no need to manually empty it, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Is the frost sensor feature vital?

If you plan to use your dehumidifier during cold weather, you will significantly benefit from it if the unit has a frost sensor. The sensor will automatically shut down the unit once it detected that the frost accumulates in the tank before it gets any damage.

How much does the dehumidifier will cost me?

Dehumidifier costs greatly vary, depending on several factors like capacity, durability, size, portability, and other special features. Desiccant-based units are usually more costly as compared to the refrigerant dehumidifiers. It is worth spending some money on a more expensive refrigerant dehumidifier that will provide most of the features you are looking for in a unit.

How to determine my humidity level and temperature?

Humidity levels and indoor temperature affect the dehumidifier’s performance. If you intend to position your dehumidifier in a cold area like in the basement, crawlspace, or garage – you need to make sure that it will continue to function well at low temperatures. Or else, the coils may freeze up in the unit.

How do I determine the space to dehumidify?

Choosing the right size of the dehumidifier is essential. If not, the unit may not be able to remove the excess moisture in the air efficiently, and it will be a waste of energy and time. For better results, choose the appropriate size of the unit based on the square feet of the space you need to treat. If the room is at the high-end of the unit’s capacity, pick a bigger size to make sure it will work at its best.

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