8 Best Outdoor Security Camera System (2019) – Wireless & Night Vision

best outdoor wifi security camerasThe best wifi outdoor security camera is a deterrent to intruders while providing warnings to homeowners. They can protect the family, property, and home.

They assure that the homeowner will know if anyone and anything goes near the house and property by sending notifications and capturing the movements on recorded video.

Because he receives immediate notifications, he can contact the police at the first sign of a threatening presence. If the homeowner wants the same kind of peace of mind, he can take advantage of wifi security cameras.

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  1. Arlo Pro 2
  2. Reolink Argus 2
  3. All-new Blink XT2

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The Outdoor Surveillance Camera System (#1 Choice) That We Highly Recommend

Nest Cam Outdoor

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera – A List of 8 Surveillance Cameras This 2019 (Reviewed)

Want to buy high-quality cameras for an outdoor setting? In our article, we’re going to show you 8 of the best wireless outdoor security cameras perfect for any backyard. Here is our comprehensive recommendation for those who are looking for an IP security camera for outdoors. We make sure that your home or establishments are well protected with the best home security. 

Product Name



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1. Nest Security Camera

First, we can use the camera to stream video 24/7. Second, the Nest Aware program will store recordings on the Cloud for 30 days. Also, it has a built-in speaker and microphone.


Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren | Rechargeable,...

2. Arlo Pro 2

The camera is weatherproof, and it has a smart security siren. Moreover, we can watch everything that happens during the night. Furthermore, the camera has a built-in mic and speakers.


Reolink WiFi Security Camera Outdoor Rechargeable Battery Solar Powered...

3. Reolink Argus 2

The camera has a 130° wide viewing angle and night vision sensors. Furthermore, it’s weatherproof and comes with a rechargeable battery. Also, we can power the battery using solar energy.


Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1 Camera Kit - 1st Gen

4. Blink XT Home Security Camera System

The camera is weather resistant and has a battery life of up to two years. Moreover, it has infrared night vision and motion sensors.


Amcrest 2K 3MP Wireless Outdoor Security Camera ProHD 1080P / 1296P...

5. Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 3-Megapixel

It is a ProHD camera that stores all footage on the Amcrest Cloud. Also, we can fully customize detection zones and stream footage 24/7.


Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Weatherproof Wi-Fi HD Security Camera with 98' Night...

6. Zmodo Outdoor Cam Pro

The camera can spot people from a distance of 98 feet even at night. Moreover, it has motion detection sensors. Also, all security video footage is stored for 12 hours in the Cloud.


Ring Spotlight Cam Battery (White) + Ring Solar Panel, White

7. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

It is a wireless security camera that lets us hear and speak to anyone on our property. Furthermore, we can modify motion detection zones and get instant alerts. Also, we can choose which platform we want to use for notifications.


CANARY: Flex Indoor Outdoor HD Security Camera | Weatherproof, Wire-free or...

8. CANARY (CAN600USBK) Flex Indoor Outdoor HD Security

We can plug the camera into a power source or just use its rechargeable batteries. Also, it is a weather resistant HD camera.

Other best outdoor security camera that is also recommended by our experts

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What Makes The Best Outdoor IP Camera Today?

CCTV camera or surveillance operating on office corridor

The wireless security outdoor camera can use wired outdoor or wireless technology to monitor and record the activity outside the home or property. It connects to a control center so that the homeowner can see and access what the camera captures.

Some wireless outdoor camera can record the activity when it senses motion is detected. Still, some cameras can record upon demand.

  • Analog Are The Best Outdoor Surveillance Camera

An analog wireless outdoor security cameras is a popular choice among homeowners. It relies on a closed circuit television surveillance application. It connects to a computer monitor or DVR through transmission cables. More often, the DVR converts the analog format to a digital video for streaming over the internet through a web server.

Editor Sidenotes: Even for outdoors we need something to keep us safe, as to which we recommend also a battery operated security camera for a better energy efficient security camear.

  • Network Security Cam

A network or IP outdoor security cameras is more expensive than its analog counterpart. However, it uses advanced technology. Thus, it offers more options than an analog camera. It has a built-in DVR, and the Wi-Fi IP camera can compress and convert the videos and images into a digital format for streaming on the internet.

Many Wi-Fi surveillance systems have an microsd card for storing videos. It can connect to a network video recorder to stream and record the video directly to a smart device, computer, or NVR.

The videos and images are high resolutions, yet the best outdoor cctv outdoor camera requires local video storage and bandwidth that can prove challenging to most households.

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The Outdoor Security Cameras (2) Kinds That Are Important To Consider In a Surveillance System

CCTV Home camera security operating at house.

Because of the high demand, wireless outdoor home monitor cameras now have various types to feel the different needs of homeowners.

  • Wired Cameras (Good Outdoor Surveillance)

The best wifi cctv camera wireless outdoor needs professional easy to installation. It makes surveillance visible, so intruders try to avoid the camera’s range. On the other hand, it may provide a more transparent image than its wireless counterpart.

Also, it is more reliable regarding streaming. Yet, the wires are vulnerable to weather and other elements.

  • Wireless Cameras (Surveillance Cameras)

This outdoor wireless IP security camera review is giving you the benefits of having it operated on batteries and do not require wires. Thus, the user can place them anywhere. Since they are wire-free, they are accessible to relocation whenever the homeowner sees it fit.

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9 Camera Features Of The Best Outdoor Wifi Camera Security Surveillance

  • Black and White or Color

CCTV Camera or surveillance with village in backgroundColor outdoor camera are expensive, yet they offer a high degree of footage. On the other hand, a black and white camera captures light and dark tones. The precise color of the hair, eyes, skin, and clothing may be necessary for identifying an intruder.

  • Wide-angle Lens

For large properties, the 760cam wide-angle camera is useful because it reduces the number of required cameras. Backyards can have this kind of camera because it can cover up to 40 feet distance at 104 degrees of movement.

  • Bullet Cameras Are also ideal for Indoor Outdoor

A bullet camera is ideas to mount to a ceiling or wall. It is perfect for the porch area and pointing to a specific direction. It cannot zoom in or change course. An intruder will find it easy to determine where the surveillance camera is pointing. Thus, he has a clue on how to avoid its range.

  • Dome Cameras Are The Best Outdoor Wifi Security Camera Today

Security cameraJust like the 2cd3132 Dome cameras, outdoor wireless security cameras are ideal for mounting on a protected entryway. An intruder will see them immediately, but they do not know where the 3mp mini dome camera 1080p is pointing.

  • Discrete Cameras is a Monitor Cameras

A discrete IP camera is disguised equipment that is usually a plant, electrical box, or clock. The homeowner can hide it in a tree or planter so the intruder won’t notice it.

  • Night Vision or Infrared Cameras

An infrared or color night vision camera can capture video quality and images even at night because of its infrared LEDs. It is the outdoor cameras home security camera because homeowners need to feel secure at night when everyone is at home and sleeping.

  • Weather Resistant Cameras (wi-fi camera)

A weather resistant camera is suitable for all kinds of climate. Some outdoor camera have a hood to protect the lens from the rain. Moreover, some models have thermostatic control to prevent condensation caused by cold or hot weather. A few models can protect the lens from dust, ultraviolet rays, and insects.

  • Day and Night Cameras 

Surveillance Camera In The Night-timeThis type of camera can adjust to changing reflections, shadows, glare, backlight, and darkness.

  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Cameras

The PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) camera is ideal for large areas because it can capture images and video clips at various angles.

Instead of having different fixed-sight indoor outdoor camera, a homeowner can invest in the surveillance PTZ indoor outdoor camera.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing The Best Surveillance Camera For Outdoor

CCTV Security Camera operating in parking lot caพ.

  • Power Source and Connectivity (Wifi Cameras)

The outdoor security cameras work with the IP wifi network at home. Thus, they must be within the range of the wireless access point or router for them to work correctly.

Also, if there is an electrical outage or network malfunction, the camera won’t work. Some models work with a cellular network.  Some security camera models operate with either replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

Some cameras run with batteries. They are an excellent choice if there is no electrical outlet nearby. Also, users do not need to drill holes or install messy cables.

  • App Of A Surveillance Camera

Many wireless outdoor cameras are accessible through iOS or Android devices. Some of them provide apps available through a browser. An app is important because homeowners can tweak their settings through it. It provides access to the camera’s basic features like alerts and logs.

  • Video Of The Best Outdoor Camera System

Some models provide continuous access to the outdoor security IP camera through live streaming. The homeowner can check his home even when he’s away through the app. Still, some camera models provide video recording only upon triggering of a sensor.

Technician Fixing Camera On WallThe image quality of the video depends on the bandwidth it uses. A clear image quality demands additional bandwidth. Also, it is subject to annoying glitches and lag times. VGA quality consumes low bandwidth and prolongs battery performance.

Some Wi-Fi security camera models can auto-adjust the quality of the video. Also, some models provide an option for the user to adjust the quality.

  • Motion Detection and Mobile Access

Some Wi-Fi security cameras can detect motion and send push notifications and emails. They can even produce siren alarms if an unauthorized person comes near the door.

  • Storage and Subscriptions Of The Best Outdoor security cameras

Some models store video footage on the cloud while others store it on a micro SD card. Some companies charge a monthly fee for cloud storage while others offer it free of charge.

  • Field of View (Outdoor security)

For outdoor CCTV cameras, the field of view is significant. Since these cameras guard a point of entry, room, or single area, homeowners should prefer a large field of view. Some wireless indoor outdoor camera models have a 180-degree lens while others have a manual pan and tilt feature to maximize the field of view.

  • Night Vision Of A Outdoor IP Cameras

Aside from HD video streaming, outdoor IP security cameras must provide a capability to capture faces even at night. Some standalone cameras offer clear and sharp videos and images through a starlight image sensor.

  • What are the Best Price For An Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras?

security camera for outdoorThe price is an important consideration when buying outdoor camera security. It varies depending on the type of camera and its features.

  • Advanced Features Of Outdoor Security Cameras

Many outdoor security cameras have basic features like night vision, live stream, two-way talk, and alerts.

But, some of them provide integration and other features. Some cameras offer facial recognition. They can determine who the person is from a database.

Moreover, some models allow users to set activity zones where they can set the outdoor camera to focus on a particular area. Some camera models also have built-in sirens. Still, other models can detect facial recognition and follow voice commands. Today, a wireless outdoor security cameras can integrate with multiple reputable branded TV’s, Monitors that will make it ease for streaming on a large screen.

  • Design Of An Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Outdoor security cameras often have a simple design. But, the smart design has significant details that set a camera apart from the others. Most manufacturers provide built-in stands. Homeowners who prefer to mix up the camera angling will appreciate cameras with stands because they can pivot the camera. Some wireless indoor outdoor cameras come with magnetic backings so users can position the camera angle whichever way they want.

Are you looking for some CCTV for your office? How about a business setup? We have a list of the best security camera systems for small business that works wonders and reliable.

Here is our Top 3:

best wifi ip camera outdoor

The Reviews

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Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System – A Full 8 Surveillance Cameras Product Review

After covering the basics of outdoor IP outdoor security cameras, we can now discuss the features of eight of the most popular systems available in the market.

1. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera (#1 Choice – The Best Wifi Ip Camera Outdoor)

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Company Profile

Nest Labs is a manufacturer of smart home systems like smoke detectors, thermostats, and security systems. In 2011, it offered Nest Learning Thermostat as its first offering and flagship product.

Then, it provided Nest Protect carbon monoxide and smoke detector in 2013. In 2015, it introduced the Nest Cam brand for the best outdoor ip security cameras after it acquired Dropcam the previous year.

Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell, both former Apple engineers, founded Nest Labs in 2010. In January 2014, Google acquired the company for US$3.2 billion.

Monitoring Performance:

The outdoor security cameras rely heavily on a Nest Aware subscription. It can record videos through it 24/7. Users can search through the entire footage.

They have access to various features like advanced motion sensors; clips and set up of activity zones for monitoring. With Nest Aware, users can have access to activity photos saved for three hours only. They receive basic alerts and watch the live stream.

Thus, it is imperative that they subscribe to Nest Aware when they buy the Nest Outdoor Cam. Users pay additional for every CCTV camera they install if they want to subscribe to Nest Aware. But, it still offers a unique cloud system. It can provide different notifications depending on the type of movement.

It can distinguish between individuals and other actions. But, it is not possible to set the Nest Cam to detect activities of people only.

Security Cameras Audio Quality:

The microphone is excellent at picking up subtle sounds. On the other hand, the speaker provides a clear voice when the user talks through his phone.

Video Quality (day and night):

The video resolution is fantastic. However, the night vision will only be compelling if there are no obstructions. For instance, the user cannot place the camera behind a screen or window.

The outdoor security IP camera must have a clear line of sight for its night vision to capture the recording details. It has ten infrared sensors to provide decent quality at night. The Nest Cam offers video zooming, but the user may experience loss of resolution.

Also, the best features are only available if the user subscribes to Nest Aware. New users can avail of the 30-day Nest Aware upon purchase of the camera.

Picture quality is impressive at 1080p mode as it records more than 30 frames per second. But, the video may buffer and strain as it reaches the 10Mbps limit. The 720p resolution is preferable for daily use because it provides the details with less bandwidth requirement.

Outdoor Security With Weatherproof:

The security system has similar aesthetics with its indoor counterpart. It is waterproof with IP65 certification.

IP65 means that it is dust tight, meaning no dust can get inside, and ingress of water from a 6.5mm nozzle cannot damage the device. However, immersion and powerful water jets can have harmful effects.

Cloud Storage/Internal Storage:

Users who subscribe to Nest Aware can have access to 10 – 30 days of video history through the cloud. Instead of merely receiving notifications, they can check the continuous history to examine the activity.

Also, they can create time lapses and clips. In case someone breaks in, the users can submit the clips to the police as evidence. Moreover, users can set up to four zones that they wish to monitor.

This way, they do not receive notifications for every single movement within the field of view. However, this feature can only be set up through the website.

Indoor and Outdoor Motion Detector:

The camera is susceptible to motion. It can send notifications to the homeowner’s phone whenever it detects something that moves from its sensors. It can distinguish between individuals and movement.

Whenever it detects a person, it will send a warning that it spotted an individual.

The Nest Cam sends a notification whenever it detects activity to the homeowner’s email and phone. Moreover, it sends a 30-second video of what it discovered.

Since it will send notifications for every motion it catches, the user can set particular zones where the camera must focus. This way, it will only send notifications whenever it detects movement on these areas.

Wire-free or Plugged-in Security Camera:

The Nest Cam comes with a magnetic base that users can screw to a wall. This base offers a magnetic cradle for the back of the camera. The fixed power cable is at the camera’s bottom.

The speaker is next to the inlet. Thus, water cannot get in through the speaker’s perforated holes.

But, it also means that the homeowner cannot install the camera upside-down. The rugged USB cable is 3 meters in length with a tight junction. Then, it has another 4.5 meters cable that plugs into the power adapter.

Cameras App Ease of Use:

Users will find it easy to download and set up the Nest app. They need an email and a password to create an account.

For the password, it must have a minimum of eight characters with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols. They must allow the app to send notifications to their mobile phone.

If they fail to do it, the app will not send an alert when it detects movements. Then, users need to key in their address and add a name for the location of the camera.

The app can inform users about the temperature and weather, so it needs the address. Then, it can send the information to the mobile phone when the user is not home. After entering the required details, users need to click on “Add” to save them.

Then, they must allow the app to access the phone’s camera because they need to scan the QR code found at the bottom of the Nest Cam. Once connected, users can view the home security camera’s live stream on their phone. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Users can also access it through the web application or browser. They can view the live stream through their phones. They can also set up zones through the app to customize the notifications.

Real-Time Surveillance Viewing:

The homeowner has the option to set the camera to “Home” or “Away.” The Nest Cam will initiate video streaming automatically when it is in “Away” mode.

However, the user can still view the feed at any time when it is in “Home” mode. Also, the camera activates its recording feature automatically when it detects movement.

2. Netgear Arlo Pro 2 (Top Rated Outdoor Wifi Surveillance Camera)

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Company Profile

Netgear Inc. is a company specializing in computer networking with headquarters in San Jose, California. At present, it has at least 25 offices in other countries.

It operates in commercial and retail, and as a service provider. Recently, particularly in August 2018, Arlo became a separate entity and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Monitoring Performance:

Aside from the usual security features like two-way audio, sound detection, night vision, and motion sensors, the Arlo offers advanced settings like scheduling and geofencing.

The homeowner can adjust the setting for the camera to remain active even when he’s out of the house. Moreover, he can set it up to remain active for a few hours when he’s home.

The Arlo Pro 2 provides integration support with If This Then That (IFTT) and other reputable integration. The user can watch the camera footage through its integrated family devices. But, it does not support Google Home and Apple Homekit integration.

Audio Quality:

The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 provides two-way audio. The homeowner can adjust the speaker volume through the app.

Video Quality (day and night):

The field of view may be 130 degrees only, but the image quality that the camera produces is 1080p HD. The user can reduce the quality to save on power.

The night vision mode allows him to see what’s going on even when if it is dark outside.


The cameras are waterproof with a Dust Tight IP Rated, which means that dust and water from a 6.5mm nozzle cannot damage them. They come with robust magnetic mounts.

The cameras can work well even in harsh winter. They can withstand temperatures from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cloud Storage/Internal Storage:

The base station has a lot for removable storage. As such, the homeowner saves all clips on a USB hard drive or thumb drive.

Aside from the removable storage, the Arlo provides cloud-based storage free of charge for seven days. But, the user can take advantage of the subscription for better functionality and more cloud storage than the free storage offered.

For instance, the cameras can send real-time images to the mobile device that is on the lock screen. They can distinguish between a person and an object.

Motion Detector:

The homeowner can adjust the setting of the Arlo Pro 2 to receive notifications through his email address or mobile if it has a good sensor.

He can program the cameras to recognize movement at certain hours only. Moreover, he can set to activate the siren at the base unit if a particular security system.

The siren produces a 100+ DB output, and he can turn the volume down through the app. Because the sensor may be too slow to activate, the Look Back feature allows the homeowner to rewind and check the footage about three seconds before the detection of sound or motion.

This feature is especially helpful in capturing images of the approaching intruder.

Wire-free or Plugged-in:

The Arlo is a wire-free solution, but its base station must connect to the broadband router through an Ethernet cable.

Thus, the homeowner must ensure that the router has a free port for the base station. Moreover, the base station and router must be close to each other.

Because it is a wireless camera, the Arlo Pro 2 doesn’t record everything all the time. A full-frame motion sensor will start recording as soon as it senses a physical movement.

The user has the option between the conventional AC power and rechargeable batteries. But, only a few features will work with the battery option. Sound detection and advanced motion are only possible if the cameras connect with an AC power outlet.

However, if the user opts for the battery-powered option, the intruder cannot disarm the camera by cutting its cord. To prevent gaps in video coverage, the user must ensure to recharge the batteries.

App Ease of Use:

Homeowners can download the app to their iOS/Android phone or access the cameras through the browser. But, they cannot use the mobile phone app and the web at the same time.

The app will disconnect one device. Theoretically, the setup is simple. The user needs to press the “Sync” button at the base unit and then press the “Sync” button on the camera.

The three lights on the base light must turn solid green, and the blinking blue light on the camera must disappear. Upon synchronization, the user can now easily control the home security systems through his mobile or laptop.

For example, depending on the number of cameras he has, he can view all images from the cameras in just one screen. Moreover, he can take advantage of the 8x digital zoom by using the web app’s magnifying glass icon or by using pan and zoom on the mobile app.

Real-Time Viewing:

The camera can stream live if the user taps on it through the app. While real-time streaming, the homeowner can record the video, mute the speakers, go for full-screen mode, and trigger two-way communication by pressing the appropriate buttons on the app.

3. Reolink Argus 2 (A Highly Popular Outdoor Surveillance IP Camera)

Reolink Argus 2

Company Profile

Reolink is a Hong Kong-based company, which began operations in 2009. It produces the security products for business owners and consumers.

Its product lines includes the outdoor ip outdoor security cameras, indoor smart home cameras, wireless home security cameras, and 8ch Wi-Fi/PoE cameras. The Argus 2 is an upgrade of the original Argus product.

Monitoring Performance:

The Argus 2 offers a stable and clear monitoring performance if connected to a robust Wi-Fi system. The user can change the settings and record still images and videos through an app.

The latency of the camera feed is approximately 2.5 seconds. However, the homeowner needs to provide his SD card to save photos and videos.

Audio Quality:

The Argus 2 has a microphone and speaker for two-way communication.

It has a passive infrared sensor, but it cannot detect sound. Moreover, it provides an internal siren that is capable of outputting up to 80dB.

Video Quality (day and night):

This security system uses the Sony Starlight CMOS sensor to capture 1080p video recording. It has a field of view of 130 degrees. For night vision, it has seven infrareds to provide clear black-and-white footage up to 33 feet.

The camera can also show color video, but for clear images, it is best to choose the B/W option.


Like the other security system, the Argus 2 has IP65 certification, which means that dust and water cannot get inside the device.

However, it is not waterproof. Water from a 6.5mm nozzle will not damage the security system. The homeowner can purchase white rubber skin to protect against the elements.

Cloud Storage/Internal Storage:

The camera has a slot for a micro SD card to record motion.

The user needs to trigger the video recording feature.

Motion Detector:

Motion detection works perfectly. However, the homeowner may opt to change the sensitivity level of the motion detector through the app so that he won’t receive numerous recordings and alerts.

Notifications are timely.

Wire-free or Plugged-in:

The Argus 2 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for six months on a single charge. The user can remove the battery pack or the whole camera then plug it to a power source.

Also, he can buy a solar charging panel so that he won’t worry about charging the battery.

App Ease of Use:

The homeowner can access the video through a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

He can record videos manually, play and pause a live stream, take a photo, choose a color mode, select a bandwidth, and switch to landscape mode. Moreover, he can communicate through the two-way audio by pressing “Talk” and playback a video through the “Playback” button. The user can also adjust the camera settings through the app.

He can also give access to the camera with his family members and friends. Also, he can monitor the battery usage, enable or disable the siren, and adjust the detection sensitivity through the software.

Real-Time Viewing:

The user can take advantage of the live stream feature of the camera through the app. He can take snapshots and record video on demand. Also, he can change the resolution to adapt to the Wi-Fi connection.

The “fluent” setting produces a slightly choppy video while the “clear” setting can keep track individual motions.

4. Blink XT Security Camera

Blink XT Security Camera

Company Profile

It provides good home security systems devices for your best smart home use. Although it has its limitations, its the home security and it is perfect for home use. The Blink XT camera is battery-operated and offers cloud storage too.

Monitoring Performance:

Blink has indoor and outdoor cameras. The homeowner can have both cameras in a single Sync Module. However, with a single module, he cannot switch off just one or two cameras only. Thus, if he needs to control the indoor and outdoor home security separately, he needs two Sync Modules. The Sync Module only requires Wi-Fi connectivity. The cameras can provide reliable monitoring of movement. The user can adjust the settings through an app so that it can turn off recording once the motion stops.

Audio Quality:

Audio quality is excellent, but only one-way. It means that you cannot tell the intruder to leave your premises.

Video Quality (day and night):

The camera is capable of producing 720p resolution videos. It can also capture recording images of up to 7.5 frames per second if there is low light. When there is good lighting, it can capture 35 frames per second.


The Blink XT can withstand extreme temperatures from -4 to 113 Fahrenheit. It is waterproof. The homeowner can mount it anywhere outside of the house. The camera has an IP65 certification. Dust and water from a 6.5mm nozzle cannot damage it.

Cloud Storage/Internal Storage:

Blink XT provides free cloud storage of up to 7,200 seconds. After the set limit, it will erase the old video and replace it with fresh footage records.

Motion Detector:

The motion detector is reliable. The app can send notifications to the homeowner’s device upon detection of movement. It only records a video whenever it it detects any physical movements. The user can view the motion clips through the app.

Wire-free or Plugged-in:

The Blink XT is battery-operated. It needs AA lithium batteries to work. With regular use, its batteries can run for two years. It is entirely wire-free without any unsightly power cords.

App Ease of Use:

The Blink XT offers an app compatible with iOS and Android devices. The user needs to download it so that he can set up his camera to send updates to his equipment when it detects movement.

He can also watch surveillance videos through the app. Moreover, he can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector and even set the length of the clips.

App control is organized and straightforward. The user can control motion detection, name devices, add new Blink cameras, and check the battery usage. Other members of the household can download the app and gain access to information provided by the camera.

Blink XT is also compatible with Alexa. The user can watch the clips through a Show device.

Real-Time Viewing:

The homeowner can watch video clips in real time. However, he cannot record the live stream if he’s watching it.

5. Amcrest ProHD Outdoor (IP3M-943B)

Amcrest ProHD Outdoor (IP3M-943B)

Company Profile

Amcrest Technologies offers advanced remote surveillance and monitoring systems that have powerful features, and are easy to use and affordable. (reference)

Its cameras are high quality and have a robust design to monitor the home or businesses securely. The video recordings are accessible through a downloaded app.

The company offers top-rated security products to customers worldwide. Its products are popular in France, the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, and Canada.

Monitoring Performance:

The Amcrest ProHD video camera provides security for businesses and homes. The homeowner has peace of mind that he can access it to gain information about the movements outside of the house even when he’s not home. He can stream life or playback video recorded by the camera.

The camera has night vision, 100 degrees field of views, free live viewing and storage for about 4 hours of videos. The app provides various ways to record the videos.

Audio Quality:

The Amcrest ProHD Outdoor (IP3M-943B) doesn’t offer audio.

Video Quality (day and night):

The home outdoor security cameras uses the Ambarella S2Lm chipset and the Sony progressive scanning image sensor. Thus, it can provide rich imagery with vivid colors to the smartphone or computer screen.

Moreover, it can offer 2048×1536 resolutions at 20 fps or frames per second. At this resolution, the user doesn’t need to strain his eyes or guess the image details. Night vision is up to 98 feet while the field of view is at 100 degrees.

Amcrest also provides an intelligent digital zoom. The camera has 12 infrareds for clear images even at night. With this capability, the user has peace of mind that he can be aware of invisible or undetectable movements on his premises.


This outdoor surveillance ip camera has an IP67 certification, which means that it can endure any rain and wind. Dust particles cannot get inside the camera because it is airtight.

It can withstand severe environmental conditions. The heavy-duty metal guarantees excellent reliability.

Cloud Storage/Internal Storage:

The Amcrest ProHD provides the capability for cloud playback and recording. The user can store his videos through the AmcrestCloud free of charge.

He can have access to his videos anywhere. He can use his computer or smartphone to connect to the Amcrest Cloud to check particular footage using an intuitive interface.

Moreover, he can set the app to notify. The Amcrest Cloud can store footage of up to four hours in length free of charge.

He can purchase subscription plans if he needs additional storage. Also, he can store his videos on Micro SD card, FTP server, Amcrest NVR storage, or to a local device or computer.

Motion Detector:

The user can customize control to pinpoint particular movemement alerts areas that he wants to monitor. This way, he can set the camera to record the movements in a specific zone.

He can even set the threshold and sensitivity meters per area depending on his requirements.

Wire-free or Plugged-in:

The plugged-in outdoor wifi cameras also provides access to videos through Wi-Fi with WPA, WEP, or WPA2 encryption.

App Ease of Use:

The app is for viewing videos or recordings only. It cannot control or adjust the settings of the camera. But, the user can download it on his mobile or access the app through the web.

The Amcrest View app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app can provide alarm details and mobile notifications to a mobile when it detects motion. The user can launch the app then view the snapshot or recording anywhere.

Real-Time Viewing:

The app can provide real-time streaming. The homeowner can stream through any of his devices or computer.

6. Zmodo Outdoor Cam Pro (SD-H2925-B) (Best Of Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System)

Zmodo Outdoor Cam Pro (SD-H2925-B)

Company Profile

Zmodo is a company with a robust reputation for providing high-quality video products. Since its inception in 2009, it has around 8 million products sold.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zmodo

With its entry to the best smart home security market, it offers a new line of home automation and connected video products.

The company has manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu and Shenzhen in China. But, its customer and logistics support is in Champaign, Illinois while its innovation lab is in Fremont, California.

Monitoring Performance:

The Zmodo Outdoor Cam pro can monitor the home nonstop and provide 1080p full HD videos. The homeowner can check the videos anywhere and anytime.

Even if it’s dark, he can still see the images up to a maximum of 98 feet distance. The night vision provides adjustable sensitivity for an excellent picture of the home 24/7.

Audio Quality:

This camera is not capable of capturing sound.

Video Quality (day and night):

The camera is capable of producing full HD images and even catches them even when the movement occurs up to 98 feet away at night.

The user can adjust the night vision sensitivity to capture the best picture and video recording. With this kind of home security cameras, it offers 92 degrees field of view.


The Zmodo camera is IP65 certified. It means that it is weatherproof. No dust and water from a 6.5mm nozzle can get inside the camera to damage it. With proper use and care, it can provide reliable performance in ensuring the security of the home.

Cloud Storage/Local Storage:

The user can access the alert clips free of charge in the cloud for a maximum of 36 hours. This way, he can have enough time to check them wherever he is.

Moreover, he can download the clips to his computer or mobile. He can avail of monthly plans if he wants to have more local storage on the cloud.

Motion Detector:

The camera can detect motion and notify the homeowner’s device. Also, he will receive video clip alerts. To avoid receiving overwhelming signals, he can customize the alert schedules and set movement detection areas.

If the location has high traffic, he can limit the sources of continuous movement. It is essential to define the motion alert area to reduce the occurrences of false alerts. The homeowner can adjust the settings to that he will receive alerts according to his preferences.

Wire-free or Plugged-in:

The Zmodo Outdoor Cam Pro is a plugged-in type of camera.

App Ease of Use:

The free app allows the user to customize the settings and alerts upon detection of motion. It uses the AES 256-bit encryption on servers in the US.

Both the app and the camera require Wi-Fi network signal for the quick and simple setup process. However, the camera needs WPA/WPA2 encryption. It can connect to a 5GHz network to avoid signal interference and a reliable connection between it and the router. The homeowner can share the app with friends and family.

He can also customize sharing permissions to allow other people to watch videos from their smartphones.

Real-Time Viewing:

The user can gain immediate access to live video immediately through the Zmodo app installed on his smartphone.

7. Spotlight Cam Solar + Ring Solar Panel (A Reputable Outdoor Wifi Security Camera)

Spotlight Cam Solar + Ring Solar Panel

Company Profile

Ring is an international company that provides home security systems devices. It incorporates doorbells and motion-based cameras. The company has a secondary office in Ukraine that includes a client support center and a research lab.

Monitoring Performance:

Unlike the Ring Floodlight, the Spotlight Cam is battery-operated and can use a solar to trickle charge the battery. However, the user needs to ensure that the battery is not dead because the solar cannot provide power to the camera on its own. Installation is easy because the app offers video instructions.

Since it does not involve wires, mounting the camera is easy. The captured video recording during the day has all the details in vibrant colors. On the other hand, the black-and-white night video is sharp at around 25 feet.

It also shows excellent contrast. The sensor does not fail to send push alerts as scheduled.

Audio Quality:

The Spotlight Cam has two-way audio so that the homeowner can communicate to the person outside clearly. It has built-in speakers and a microphone. Communications are distortion-free.

Video Quality (day and night):

The camera can produce full HD 1080p resolution, but because it can affect the battery performance, the company allows the user to choose among its various live view settings.

The average connection hd video provides the lowest resolution with the default setting for a live stream, but with the most extended battery performance. The faster connection offers a balance between battery and quality.

Lastly, the quickest connection provides the best resolution but with the shortest battery. Aside from the use of Spotlight, this security camera also provides four infrareds for better quality images when it’s dark. The user can set the light to turn on at night upon detection of motion, but he can also turn it on manually.

Unlike the Ring Floodlight Cam that produces 1,800 lumens of light, the Spotlight can only produce light that is about 700 lumens and equal to a 60-watt bulb. It is not blinding, so it won’t scare off any trespasser. However, it is enough to improve the camera’s night vision.

The camera’s field of vision is 90 degrees. It means that if a person is within this range, the light will turn on and will remain on for 30 seconds. It will shut off automatically even if the motion is still in progress. However, if the user turns it on manually, the light will remain on until he ends the real time streaming session.


The Spotlight Camera has IP55 certification. It means that it has protection from dust, oil, dirt, and non-corrosive materials that are larger than 1mm. It has protection from water projected through a nozzle from all directions.

Cloud Storage/Local Storage:

The Ring camera has two subscription plans. The Protect Basic allows the homeowner to store videos on the cloud for a maximum of two months.

He can share, download, view, and delete videos. If he belongs to a Ring Neighborhood, he can also notify his neighbors.

The Protect Plus is essential for homeowners with multiple cameras. It has the basic features but provides coverage for all cameras. If the user opts not to subscribe, he will merely receive live video and instant alerts. He has no access to videos stored on the cloud. The Ring Neighborhood is a virtual watch program.

It doesn’t require that all of its members have Ring cameras. If a homeowner sees a suspicious person in his home outdoor security cameras, he can share the video clip to everyone in the Ring Neighborhood

Moreover, he can share the clips on Facebook and NextDoor. The Ring app can control various devices, but the user cannot integrate them. For instance, if he a video doorbell, he can’t set the app to turn on recording of the Spotlight Cam. The Spotlight Cam also works with Google Assistant to trigger motion detection alerts, send status report of the camera, or record a new video.

Motion Detector:

The Ring Spotlight camera can detects motion. The user can adjust the motion sensitivity to reduce false alarms. For instance, if the homeowner lives near a busy street, he can change the setting to its minimum distance so that the camera will record the activity within the set distance.

The maximum setting allows the camera to capture recording any movement within its field of view, but adjusting the configuration will also narrow the camera’s field of view.

The app cannot turn the camera off, but it can turn the alerts off. The user can choose to snooze the motion from 15 minutes to 120 minutes. He can schedule when the camera will disable the motion.

The app can notify his mobile device, but he can set the frequency. He receives the alarms as soon as the surveillance camera senses a movement. If he has multiple Ring cameras, he can assign a particular sound for each camera so that he knows which device sent the notification.

Although the camera includes a siren, it does not sound automatically. The user needs to turn on the siren manually.

Wire-free or Plugged-in:

The Spotlight Cam Solar with Ring Solar package includes two devices: the battery-operated camera and the solar. The solar connects to the camera’s battery through a cable.

It charges the camera fully with direct sunlight even for a few hours. But, if the battery dies, it cannot provide power to the camera alone.

Thus, the user must ensure that the camera is not low on battery. Without solar, the camera uses the battery. To save on battery, the homeowner can adjust the resolution and sensitivity of the camera.

The Ring outdoor home security systems can accommodate two batteries, but it will just use one of them, and the other battery serves as a backup.

App Ease of Use:

The Ring app provides different features. The homeowner can add auxiliary Ring devices like the floodlight cam or doorbell cam, and still control all of them through an app.

The Ring Alarm monitoring system is also compatible with the camera. The user can watch any of the recorded motion through the software. Moreover, he can check the status of the battery, adjust the sensitivity of the camera, stop the detects motion, or download the videos.

Furthermore, the camera is compatible with its family devices, so the homeowner can also view the video footage through its family devices. If the community has the Ring camera, the neighbors can form a “Ring Neighborhood” so that they can share video footages.

The app can also provide crime news alerts within the neighborhood. After the trial period, the user has the option to subscribe to the service. If he opts not to pay the fees, he can still receive alerts, but he can no longer check the live video. Thus, it is imperative that he spends the monthly fee.

Real-Time Viewing:

The surveillance camera can provide real-time viewing features. The resolution is sharp, especially during the day. For live streams at night, the camera can only show black-and-white images, but it provides excellent contrast.

8. Canary Flex Indoor Outdoor Security Camera (CAN600USBK)

Company Profile

Canary is a technology startup based in New York City. It aims to make people connected and safer in their homes. Its founders are experts in the fields of software and design, robotics, and security.

Monitoring Performance:

The Canary Flex is an excellent outdoor security camera. Paid members can avail of the 30-day cloud storage and two-way audio. The camera detects human activity and provides instant notifications to the homeowner’s device.

Audio Quality:

The microphone and speaker are on top of the camera. However, Canary charges a fee to use the two-way “Canary Talk” feature.

Video Quality (day and night):

The surveillance camera can provide excellent HD 1080p live video. It encrypts the data using AES 128-bit before sending it to the cloud for sharing or saving.

Canary uses SSL/TLS certifications to ensure secure web transfer. If the user wishes to download or share the video on social media, the app creates an MP4 format for the clips. The camera can capture recording 116 degrees of field of view at 1080p.

But, if the homeowner decides to watch the live stream, he can only watch it at 720p resolution. The field of view is adequate for household angles. The camera will only record a video for 10 seconds.

However, if the user purchases the subscription, it will document the activity until the motion ends.


Rubber covers the camera’s stand to prevent damage on the surface. The camera has an IP65 rating, which means that dust particles larger than 1mm and water coming from a 6.5mm nozzle cannot damage it. Incessant rain or show does not cause any damage.

However, the homeowner cannot place the camera under direct sunlight because it will cause overheating. Also, for clear images and correct detection of motion, he must ensure that he installs it outside of the window.

Cloud Storage/Internal Storage:

Canary offers a subscription service, but the user can opt for the free option. At first use, he will need to choose between a 2-week free preview and a paid subscription. Unfortunately, Canary Flex does not allow local storage of videos on a local disk.

Motion Detector:

The Flex can trigger movement detection once it detects that the homeowner is out of the house. It will then record every detected motion and alert him through the app.

Then, he can log in to check the video and inform the police if needed.

Wire-free or Plugged-in:

The Flex is suitable for your home whether its inside or outside the house use. It can be wireless or plugged in. For outdoor use, the user need not worry if there is no power outlet nearby.

The camera has a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. But, he can also use the 2.4m cable and AC power adapter if he will place the camera near a power source.

App Ease of Use:

The homeowner needs to download the Canary app to set up his Flex camera. However, he needs to charge the battery thoroughly first before installing the camera outside.

The outside home outdoor security cameras is compatible with Android and iOS devices, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. He needs to enable location tracking on his device so that he can use the app. Connecting the camera to the Wi-Fi network is easy through the app. The app has simple options.

The user can choose between Away, Home, and Night Mode. If he sets it to “Away,” the camera will run continuously. It has a sensor and it will send a notification to his device.

If he sets it to “Home,” he can further customize it to protect his privacy. He can set the camera to record varying sensitivity levels.

At “Home” mode, the homeowner can set the app to send notifications or record the activity without the alerts. He can also disable the camera if he desires.

At “Night” mode, he can set a schedule when the camera will run. The user has the option to receive notifications or not.

The motion detection Notification settings allow the user to set his preferred level of sensitivity. For instance, he can adjust the sensor so that he cannot receive notifications if an animal gets inside his property.

The user can allow other members or friends to use the app. Once they log into the app when they’re going inside the property, the app will turn off motion detector when the camera recording captures them.

The Event screen allows the user to watch the recorded 1080p video, download and delete videos, and bookmark them.

Moreover, aside from setting sensitivity levels, the homeowner can also mark masked areas or areas that the camera will not detect movement. The Flex is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, wink and other reputable brands.

Real-Time Viewing:

Streaming is possible by pressing the “Watch Live” button on the app. If the user has multiple cameras, he can switch between the streams by swiping across.

The homeowner can zoom into an area by tapping on the screen twice. Moreover, he can watch the 1080p video on landscape or portrait mode.

If watching the live stream, he can press the “Emergency Call” button if he sees an intruder. The outdoor home security can scare away intruders.

They can alert the homeowner if anyone goes near his home. He can recognize the person at the front door even before he opens the door.

If he has a pool, he can put a camera to monitor the movements around it especially if he has children. The top-rated security cameras for outdoor has offered many advantages for a surveillance camera; thus, a homeowner must consider having them in his home.

Top-Rated Outdoor Cameras

Here is Our Other 3 Best Outdoor Security Cameras:

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