Top 5 Best Battery Powered Security Camera For 2019 (Guide)

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With this battery powered wireless outdoor security camera reviews; you can help protect your home or business from any burglar or intruders even without a power supply.


This wire-free surveillance camera system also makes the process of installation a lot better(natural), saving you time, effort, and mess of working with wires on your property and drilling holes for its use.


But, not all the best battery-powered cameras are created equal. What you can find in the market can vary from design, style, and, most notably, in the features and functions they can provide.


With a lot of choices available in the market, it can often prove to be tedious work in finding the battery-operated CCTV camera that best fits your needs.

Product Quick Comparison
Product Name
Our Rating
Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, 1080p, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount | Cloud Storage Included | 3 camera kit (VMS4330P)

This camera has an excellent HD resolution and two-way audio speakers. Likewise, we can plug it into a power source or simply put in rechargeable batteries.

Reolink WiFi Security Camera Outdoor Rechargeable Battery Solar Powered Support Google Assistant 1080P Wireless Home Surveillance Starlight Night Vision Cloud SD Slot | Argus 2

We can put rechargeable batteries or power the camera using solar energy. Furthermore, it has a rapid wake up and smart sensors that will trigger alerts and send us notifications.

Nest Cam Security Camera 3 Pack Indoor Color: Black Style: Nest Cam Security Camera: 3 Pack, Model: NC1104US

We can watch a continuous video stream 24/7. Also, it can spot people from 50 feet away, and it will spot the difference between a stranger and a familiar face.

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 1 Camera Kit

It has an excellent battery that can last up to two years. Moreover, we can watch the video in HD and see what’s happening at night with the infrared night vision sensors.

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2-year battery life – 1 camera kit

An improved version, the XT 2 has a live view recording and two-way audio. Also, it has a longer battery life compared to the previous version and it is weather resistant.


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Our Reviews

Best Choice

Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, 1080p, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount | Cloud Storage Included | 3 camera kit (VMS4330P)

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Our take #1. Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 a rechargeable batteryand has a wire-free solution with some considerations.

While the cameras are wire-free connected to the base station, the base station has to be near and connected to the Wi-Fi router using an Ethernet cable.

When it comes to the camera, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, especially with the IP65 it comes with, which 

ensures it is both waterproof and dustproof. Each camera included in this system features a microphone and a small speaker, which allows for two-way audio.

Aside from capturing videos, these cameras can also record audio as well as act as a speaker system.

The cameras come with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with options to charge it separately from the camera or still inside the camera using a USB cable that can be attached to the port at the back of the device.

Since this system is wireless, the installations reasonably easy and with the option of access to the surveillance system through a downloadable Android and iOS application or the web.

However, it is worth noting that you can’t access the surveillance system on your phone and computer at the same time.

By far, the best feature of the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is its quality. The camera can capture 1080p High Definition videos, which are excellent but also with an option to reduce the quality if you want to skimp on the battery or cloud storage of the camera.


Although it has a field of view that is relatively less than other cameras, its 130 degrees’ field of view is still not something to look down on.


Moreover, if you have several cameras connected in the surveillance network, you can label each camera through the viewing options using your connected mobile phone or computer.


What’s more is that the Arlo Pro 2 also has an 8x digital zoom , which allows you to get every bit of the image or footage.

  • Higher resolution with an upgraded 1080p sensor

  • Very long battery life that lasts several months after a single charge

  • Available local storage option
  • Wake up is slow and often takes 7 to 8 seconds

  • The nighttime video is a little too dark

  • Cameras can get foggy after rain


Reolink WiFi Security Camera Outdoor Rechargeable Battery Solar Powered Support Google Assistant 1080P Wireless Home Surveillance Starlight Night Vision Cloud SD Slot | Argus 2

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Our take #2. Reolink Argus

The Reolink Argus 2 is a compact security camera that can rotate and tilt in all directions. It features a magnetic half ball mounting base that gives it free-motion functionality.

The camera is relatively small, and most of its size is taken up by its rechargeable battery, which lasts for at least 180 days on standby mode.

When used at full capacity, the battery can run up to 16 to 24 hours with the option for recharge of the battery while it is still attached to the camera system with a USB cord you can connect at the back.

There is also an optional solar panel recharger you can purchase separately, which can be necessary for outdoor use.

The Relolink Argus 2 has a micro SD card slot at the side and a speaker and microphone at the front.

The camera comes with an IP65, which ensures it is wholly weatherproofed from dust and water, a perfect option for outdoor use.

The camera features 130 degrees’ field of view and a CMOS 2 MP sensor, which allows it to capture excellent quality. Either in indoor or outdoor daylight, the camera can capture and produce accurate and bright videos.


But, there are cases that outdoors videos have a little bit of pixelation due to overexposure, but the indoor daylight videos are entirely sharp.


Another best thing about the quality of the Argus 2 is its two-night vision modes. It has the traditional infrared night vision that makes use of six IR LED which can acquire soft black and white videos.


It also has a skylight night vision mode, which is even a step up to the infrared night vision. In this mode, the camera can capture better exposure and impressively vivid color video.

Reolink Argus 2 Video

  • Good video quality at daylight

  • With color night-vision video

  • Interactive and very flexible alarm scheduling
  • With very few false alerts
  • No cloud storage available

  • Security alerts close down other app interactivity
Nest Cam Security Camera 3 Pack Indoor Color: Black Style: Nest Cam Security Camera: 3 Pack, Model: NC1104US

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Our take #3. Nest Cam

When it comes to the physical design, the Nest Cam indoor outdoor is not your typical surveillance camera.

It has a sleek gray metal stand with a black camera eye. It has a stable base and a slim leg that holds the lens in place.

The base of the camera security has a magnetic plate, which gives it the flexibility of being placed anywhere, such as in a flat surface, stuck on a fridge or a metal surface, or a tripod.

The camera has a micro USB port at the back, which you can connect to a plug or any device with a USB port such as your computer or laptop.

While this camera is slim and small and is only ideal for indoor-outdoor use, its quality is top-notch.


The camera can capture 1080p streaming video, giving you crystal clear and high definition image quality.


Also, the camera features an 8x zoom and a wide viewing angle lens, producing footage that is tough to beat.

The Nest Cam also features enhanced night vision, making use of eight LEDs to pick up an impressive amount of image quality detail even at night and low light conditions.


Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Video

  • Excellent video quality with a 1080p motion sensor

  • Impressive night vision and nighttime video quality

  • An easy and quick setup process
  • Can be a bit pricey with extra features available with a monthly subscription
Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 1 Camera Kit

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Our take #4. Blink Indoor Camera

The Blink indoor CCTV camera is a completely wireless solution; a tiny camera you can easily mount on a wall or virtually anywhere without needing to plug it in.

The system comes with a sync module, an accessory that can communicate with the remote services of the Blink camera without draining its battery.

The Blink camera, while might be a small one, is packed with features. For one, it can record audio, giving footage more life and detail.

The Blink security camera is your typical handy and portable indoor surveillance system with impressive quality.


While its video resolution might not be as high compared to some high-end and expensive wireless battery camera, its 720p is sufficient enough in capturing high definition and crystal clear footage.


The camera’s 110 degrees is also not a shame, giving you quite a wide field of view of the corners of a room.


It also has a night vision capability with the use of an LED illuminator with an advanced low light performance, giving you’re giving your video with distinct color at night or in a dimly lit room instead of the typical black and white night vision videos.

  • High-definition 720p video resolution

  • 110-degree field of view

  • With motion detection

  • With night vision capabilities
  • Can take some time to install and make it work

  • No two-way audio


Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2-year battery life – 1 camera kit

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Our take #5. Blink XT

The wireless Blink XT 2 is a minimalist device, small enough that the camera can fit in your hand.

While the previous Blink XT 2 is ideal only for indoor use, the Blink XT 2 is useful whether you put it indoors or outdoors.

The most notable feature of the Blink XT  2from the previous version is its significant level upon the quality.


This security camera battery-operated system can capture a 1080p High Definition video with its 110 degrees’ field of view.


The daylight indoor videos from this surveillance are well detailed and clean without any distortion.


On the other hand, outdoor videos where daylight isn’t as well controlled, there are sometimes difficulties in backlighting, but the videos are still acceptable.


Capturing footage in dimly lit areas or during the night is also pretty impressive in this indoor-outdoor camera.


It doesn’t use IR LEDs light most 2 wi-fi camera. Instead, the Blink XT 2 turns its infrared filters off, which block the infrared light during the day. This way, the camera can capture both IR and visible light when it is at night vision mode.


The tiny microphone that comes with the camera is also effective in capturing audio within the 5 to 8 feet range from the camera.

  • Small and inconspicuous camera

  • Affordable

  • With free cloud storage
  • No two-way audio

  • No web portal you can access a computer

  • No speaker

Here Are 7 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Battery Security Camera

Security room in which working professionals

1. High Definition Battery  Powered Surveillance Cameras

What good would a wireless battery powered surveillance camera system be if it only provides blurry and distorted video recordings?



The essential feature that should be on top of your list to look for in the best battery-powered security cameras is its quality.



This feature is what differentiates battery-operated security cameras from the sub-par ones.



As a rule, a CCTV with 720p high definition resolution should be enough in giving you crystal clear and detailed footage, which is essential in viewing human faces and other important details such as license plates.



Anything that is beyond this resolution value is even more ideal.

Battery with green leaf - eco energy concept

2. Better Power (Battery Life) Of the CCTV Camera

When it comes to a battery-powered security system, the power consumption of the cameras is worth noting. It would be your biggest concern as your surveillance system will cease to work if it doesn’t have any working battery.



As a rule, you should get a wireless security camera that has a long battery life to keep you from the inconvenience and trouble from constantly recharging your CCTV batteries.



It will also help save you from worrying that your smart home surveillance is not working anymore because it has drained its battery.



Usually, you can find battery powered surveillance cameras with power consumption that can last for at least six months to a whole year, and it should be sufficient enough.



Battery-powered cameras can also differ in the process in which they can be recharged. This can either be through solar panels or with an outlet.


Bat Night Camera Vision

3. Night Vision Battery Operated Cameras



To ensure that your CCTV can be used and is active 24 hours daily, a night vision functionality should be on your list of what to look for in the best wireless battery powered outdoor security camera.



It allows the camera to take footage at night or in dimly lit locations that are still clear and looks illuminated, which helps during days when thefts are more likely to occur.



The night vision function can differ in types of outdoor security cameras. They can either be starlight night vision or infrared night vision. At night time, the infrared night vision allows the cameras to see what is in their field of view, even if there is complete darkness.



They have infrared-cut filters that automatically lets more light in, producing more explicit night-vision footage.


The starlight night vision, on the other hand, is the newest type available in the market for CCTV cameras

They use natural light effectively to produce high-quality night vision images, which are even sharper than what the infrared type can provide.




Hand holding blue umbrella. Umbrella protection from rain. Flat style design. Vector illustration isolated on white background

4. Weatherproof Types Are The Best Battery Outdoor Security Camera

One of the things you have to figure out when choosing the wireless security cameras is where you are going to put them. Are they meant for indoor-outdoor? Indoor-outdoor cameras can differ, especially on how they cope when placed in certain conditions.



Not all indoor-outdoor cameras can be used outdoors as they aren’t usually weatherproofed. When you look for wireless security cameras to be used outdoors, weatherproofing should be part of a list of features you should look for.


It guarantees that the wireless security cameras can stand even in extreme weather conditions, leaving you nothing to worry about, whether it is cold or hot outside.



You can determine how capable certain outdoor security cameras for outdoor use through its IP (Ingress Protection) rating.


This rating guarantees that smart home surveillance is dustproof and waterproof.


All in all, it would be ideal to go for a camera with an IP65 rating, which means it has complete dust protection and protection from water jets.




Surveillance Colored

5. Recording and Storage Of Cam Battery Wireless Surveillance

Recording and cloud storage are essential things you have to consider when choosing the best outdoor battery security camera. The main question would be where you want to store your footage.



Some of the best battery powered wireless security cameras have built-in Hard Disk Drive for storage, which can vary in storage size.



There are also others that, aside from this built-in storage, there is an option to connect a Memory Card or Micro SD card or a USB for storage.



Also, there is cloud storage, which can usually give you an unlimited amount of space for your footage archive.

Recording and cloud storage means you get to keep security camera videos you can playback when necessary, such as when there are break-ins or can be kept as evidence to catch the culprit.



The amount of cloud storage you need for your surveillance system will depend on several things, such as the number of cameras connected to the network and the resolution for each camera.



If you are using a lot of high-resolution cameras, then they can take up so much of your cloud storage space quickly.





Set of modern flat design icons for mobile application development or smartphone app programming. Interface elements for mobile apps concepts.

6. Smartphone App Of  Wireless Security Cameras

The great thing about installing a wireless battery-powered home surveillance system instead of traditional wired home security cameras is that they are easier to access remotely.



It also allows you to stream your camera footage from any connected device like your mobile phone with a smartphone app.


Moreover, it is even easier for you to remote live stream or playback footage whenever and wherever you are.


If there is a customized manufacturer’s app for your surveillance system, then the better. It is usually offered free of charge and is highly compatible with many cameras.



They are also easier to set up on your mobile phone, user-friendly, and come with more advanced features.

By merely launching this app, you can automatically access your outdoor camera.



But, if there are no customized apps available, there are still third-party software you can use, but they often come at a price, and you have to make sure it is compatible with your entire surveillance system.



Set of modern flat design icons for mobile application development or smartphone app programming. Interface elements for mobile apps concepts.

7. Wi-Fi Range (Wireless Security camera)

If you are going to install the outdoor wireless camera instead of the typical wired camera, the Wi-Fi range, as well as your internet connection, is worth looking into.



After all, these cameras use a Wi-Fi connection to be connected to the entire surveillance network. It depends on your internet to provide you access to remote live streaming as well as motion detection alerts.



How far you can put your camera from your Wi-Fi will also depend on your Wi-Fi range, which can be between 250 feet to as full as 450 feet, depending on if there are any barriers like walls and bricks in between the camera and your router.



IP cameras tend to slow down your network, especially if it is overeating bandwidth, more than what your Wi-Fi can provide.



In this case, having an indoor-outdoor camera you can customize to a certain degree, like not taking up your broadband when the system is on standby mode, is always a plus.



Also, one of the main reasons for the best outdoor wireless security camera system battery powered it is overeating bandwidth is when they upload footage to the cloud for you to access remotely.



In this case, you can always schedule when and how frequent the cameras can upload videos, aiming for after the peak business hours so it won’t slow down your network.



Editor Sidenote: Are you looking for something outdoor? That can handle the hard weather and heat of the sun without compromising your home safety? Here is a guide on the best outdoor surveillance camera as we review each product to help you reach the right buying decision.



Bottom Line: (Did This Guide On The Best Battery Powered Home Security Cameras Helped You?)

“Feel Free To Share This To Your Family!”



The best battery security cameras are entirely wireless, which means they are portable and with extreme flexibility in where you put them, their plug and play installation process, and the virtually unlimited number of cameras you can connect in a single network. 


While there are different battery-powered wireless surveillance security cameras in the market, this guide on the features and functions to look for in the best battery powered cameras should help you choose the ideal surveillance solution for your needs.

Other Recommended Cam Battery With Motion Sensor And Good Security Features


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If you wish to read more about the best battery wireless camera, other related products, here are some reviews that we have written:

Battery Powered Security Camera FAQs

(Updated December 3, 2019)

There are countless factors that will determine how long your battery-powered cameras will last, including the make, model, and the system brand. Also, where you keep the cameras will determine their life expectancy.



Most camera system manufacturers say that the cameras can last up to ten years, while the DVRs should be replaced after five. Even though in theory they could last that long, you should consider changing them before the ten years are up.


Technological Advances

The biggest reason why you should consider getting a new camera system are the features. Since the technology for camera systems is improving rapidly, companies are coming up with new and exciting features every day.



Also, over the course of ten years, your camera video quality will decline a lot. Just remember, 10 years ago, the average video quality was 240p, and now it’s 1080p. So, by changing up your camera system, you’ll get a much clearer stream and easily see what’s going on inside and outside of your home.


Camera System Maintenance

When you’re setting up your new camera system, you usually have to download the latest firmware version for it to work. Over the years, the camera company will send more updates to make sure everything’s in perfect order.



However, once a company launches a new product, they don’t pay as much attention to the previous one. So, you can only imagine how many new products a company could put out over the course of 10 years.

 After a while, you’ll get fewer and fewer updates, until they stop coming altogether. To ensure you’re running on the latest version, you should consider changing your camera system every five to seven years.

In recent years, wireless security cameras are becoming increasingly popular because of how easy it is to set them up. These cameras work by sending video footage and other data through a Wi-Fi connection instead of physical cables. Currently, there are three types of wireless camera systems that you can buy:



  • Battery-powered
  • With an electrical source
  • Solar-powered


So, to answer your question — do wireless security cameras run on batteries? They can, but don’t have to. Let’s take a look at all three types individually so you can see how each of them works.


Battery-Powered Wireless Security Cameras

If you get a battery-powered camera system, you won’t have a single cable or cord to worry about. The system doesn’t need a cable for transmission or power supply and is usually fitted with rechargeable batteries. It works in almost all environments and you can install it both indoors or outdoors. Just make sure to put it close enough to your router so that it can transmit the signal.


Wireless Security Cameras with an Electrical Source

If you get a system with an electrical source, it won’t truly be wireless because you need to plug it into an electrical outlet to power it. These camera systems aren’t quite as popular for the outdoors as the battery or solar-powered ones are.


Solar-Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Just like the battery-powered systems, cameras that connect to solar panels are completely wire-free. The system will store the energy it has collected from the panels in rechargeable batteries that are inside the cameras.

Just like the camera system life expectancy, there are so many factors that go into answering this question.



For example, what kind of features does the camera have and do you use them all? Which company made the system and how old is it? Do you stream footage 24/7? All of these things will determine how long your battery will last and how often you need to recharge it.


Now, most of the bigger security camera manufacturers claim that their batteries could last up to six months on a single charge, with normal usage. However, normal usage means different things to different people, so again, not everyone will have the same experience.


What Reduces Battery Life

Most new cameras have features that can drain their batteries in a month. For example, if your outdoor cameras are working in extremely low or high temperatures, it’ll affect how long they can work. Also, if the system is set in a low-light environment, the infrared sensors will have to work overtime and they’ll drain your battery.


How to Extend Camera Battery Life

To ensure your cameras stay running for a long time, make sure you always download the latest firmware. What’s more, adjust your motion sensors so they’re not overly sensitive and don’t stream 24/7 unless you absolutely need to. If you have a wireless system, make sure the cameras are close to the source and adjust your resolution settings.

Long story short — no, they do not. Every single camera system in the world needs some form of power to work. For CCTV cameras to work, they need to be either plugged into an electrical outlet or be fitted with batteries.



Even though you can’t power them without electricity, that doesn’t mean they’ll stop working as soon as the power goes out. In fact, since most CCTV cameras are used for surveillance, manufacturers have anticipated their power supply being cut on purpose. That’s why most CCTV cameras actually have backup batteries inside them that will keep them recording for a while.


The Backup Features

Having a backup system and storage in case of a power outage is great because it ensures that the cameras keep recording. But during an outage, you won’t be able to plug into the camera directly to check the footage.



On the other hand, if the CCTV system has a remote viewing feature or removable storage, you can see what’s going on even if the power hasn’t come back. Just remember, the moment you remove the storage, the cameras will stop recording.



Even if your cameras don’t have backup batteries or storage in them, don’t worry, all is not lost. The best way to keep them running during an outage is to have a backup generator in your home or office. That way, no matter what happens, the cameras will keep rolling.

Nowadays, most companies have made it easy for their customers — they put a simple USB port that you can use to charge your batteries. For the fastest results, you should plug in your USB cable into an adapter and an electrical outlet. That way, your batteries will need just a few hours to recharge.



But if you don’t have access to an outlet, you can plug the cable into a computer and charge it that way. Depending on your camera’s make and model, you might need anywhere between four and ten hours before the battery is fully charged.


Charging Solar-Powered Batteries

If you live in a sunny area, you’ll probably get more energy than your solar powers can handle. That’s why it’s key that you have a charge controller that would convert all that energy and help your batteries store it.



Now, since not all batteries were created equal, the time it takes you to charge one can vary. It’s also going to depend on what the weather has been like in the past few days and what your solar panel wattage is.



But by using a digital display, you can clearly see the moment your output starts dropping. When it does, the battery is almost fully charged.

The first thing you need to know about changing camera batteries is that they’re not “one size fits all.” Before you can buy a new battery, you should first figure out what kind of battery you have.



Also, check which type of battery your camera system supports. For example, some cameras only allow regular, non-rechargeable batteries, while you can put both types in others. Then, you should check the voltage on your previous batteries. If you get the wrong one, you could potentially damage or destroy your camera system.



Lastly, you should look at the size of the battery. Make sure it’s not too big or too small and always buy from an authorized seller. The most popular companies for security camera batteries are Streamlight, GP, Panasonic, and Tenergy.



If you’re buying non-rechargeable batteries, I always recommend going to bigger marketplaces. But if you need a rechargeable one, it’s always best to talk to the company that sold you the first pair. It might have the same type on hand or could give you advice on where you should buy them.

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