Battery Powered Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Reviews (2020)

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Uncover The Power Of Rechargeable Battery Security Camera

Battery efficiency has evolved significantly over the years, greatly expanding their versatility. 



Home security systems are just one of many applications benefiting from long do battery powered and smaller battery sizes.



Today, we’ll look at the best battery powered security cameras or battery powered wireless outdoor security camera reviews on the market in 2020, provide some pros and cons to ponder, and break down some of the essential features. Let’s get started!

A Full Review On Each Of The Security Cameras (Battery Powered/Rechargeable Battery)

Best Choice

Arlo Pro 3 – Wire-Free Security 2 Camera System | 2K with HDR, Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, Spotlight, 160° View, 2-Way Audio, Siren | Works with Alexa | (VMS4240P)

#1. Arlo Pro 3

This features an integrated spotlight (the only spotlight cam in this review), manual or triggered recording using a motion detector, night vision video, a wide-angle 160-degree view lens, 2K clips with Full HDR, and cloud storage capacity for 30 days.

Support is included for Apple TV, Apple Watch, Alexa. This has a UV and IP65 weather-resistant white housing–great for outdoor home use.

A traditional indoor outdoor security camera typically requires drilling holes in walls for power and video power cord. Even most wi-fi-enabled webcams require a wired power source.

This requires no wiring or holes and has multiple options to charge, making installation possible in minutes.

  • Full-color night vision with 2K video clips for a better image quality(picture quality)
  • Wide, 160-degree viewing angle (the widest angle in our top 5)
  • Optional SD storage
  • Multiple charging options, including solar panel
  • Easy installation
  • An excellent array of useful features with a monthly subscription 
  • Cost–on the high end of the models reviewed
  • Requires a hub to integrate with your home’s wireless network fully
  • Most of the advanced features of the Arlo Pro 3 – including cloud storage capacity – are only available with a monthly subscription 

#2. Reolink Argus 2

This is a wire-free security cameras (surveillance camera) with a battery powered outdoor security camera or optional continuous solar panel charging.



It features a Starlight CMOS night vision image sensor, passive infrared (pir motion sensor), a wide-angle, 130-degree camera lens, and records 1080p hd resolution, all wrapped up in an IP65 weather-resistant white shell.



There is an optional microsd card slot for recording motion alerts or manually triggered videos, as well. The Argus 2 also supports two-way communication and Alexa.



The Reolink app provides a substantial range of controls for viewing the security cams in real-time, taking snapshots, color mode selection, and more. It even sends motion-detection alerts via push notifications to your mobile device.



Editor Side Note: If you are looking for a solar CCTV here is our guide on the best solar powered security camera as we have discover that this type of security camera is the future of home and business surveillance. 

  • We like the low-cost entry point of this security cam
  • 1080p video clips quality
  • The best outdoor security cameras has excellent flexibility for placement or mounting options
  • PIR sensor and alerts
  • Seven days and up to 1GB of storage and support for one camera are free
  • Low-cost tiered plans for additional security cameras, storage time, and storage space available 
  • Limited free cloud storage (cloud service)
  • The home security camera does not integrate with other smart home devices
  • Quiet siren 

#3. Blink XT2

The XT2 really got our attention for its rich feature set. It boasts two-year battery powered wifi security camera life using two AA lithium batteries, free cloud storage, and a low price point.



With activity zone, live recording, infrared full hd night vision, two-way audio, and Alexa integration (Blink is an Amazon subsidiary), the XT2 is an excellent option for room-by-room security.



While it also has an IP65 weather-resistance rating(ip rating), the instructions recommend installation indoor outdoor or someplace protected outdoors, such as a covered porch.

  • Low-profile–blends in well with its surroundings
  • Free cloud storage – keep up to one year’s worth of footage for free without a subscription
  • Use of multiple aa batteries boosts run time on a single charge
  • Motion-activated instant recording by activity zones
  • Alexa integration – if you’re already using an Amazon Echo, then the XT2 will integrate nicely with your smart speaker 
  • No Google Assistant or Apple Homekit support
  • It requires a sync module to connect with your wi-fi network, but multiple cameras can share one
  • Non-continuous video recording and live video streaming. The default clip length is five seconds. The maximum clip length is 60 seconds. Live View video streams are a maximum length of 30 seconds. 

#4. ZUMIMALL A3P Security Camera

This surveillance camera is an easily installed outdoor security cameras. It is rechargeable, fully wireless, wi-fi camera connected, and IP65 weather resistance.



We especially liked the two- to five-month operating time on a single charge, depending on usage. Optional storage include a 128 MB sd card storage (memory card)or paid storage.



With a night vision up to 32 feet, PIR motion sensor (tracking) with person alerts, and security cameras with a live feed accessible through the cloudEdge app, coupled with audio that allows communication via the camera, the A3P is a solid choice for door security. 



It makes you aware when someone is there, let’s see who it is, and talk to them. 

  • No Amazon Alexa, other smart home support
  • storage requires a paid subscription 
  • No Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, other smart home support
  • Cloud storage requires a paid subscription 


The CONICO battery powered outdoor camera is another among the best wireless security camera on the budget side of the cost spectrum with a feature set comparable to more expensive cctv camera.



It has 1080p full hd video live-streaming video, a PIR motion detection sensor with body detection and adjustable detection sensitivity(motion sensitivity), an audio with a built-in microphone and speaker, and infrared (IR) night vision that provides sharp night-time viewing up to 32 feet.



With micro SD and encrypted storage options along with IP65 , the CONICO is well-suited to outdoor work. 

  • 1080p camera capability live streaming video quality
  • Infrared features night vision
  • Adjustable motion detection tracking sensitivity settings
  • PIR motion detection can send alerts upon sensing people or animals
  • Alerts triggered by either motion or heat/detection
  • IP65
  • Two-way communication allows you to speak with persons on rechargeable battery powered security camera from any location
  • On the affordable end of the price spectrum 
  • Cloud storage requires a subscription after the trial period
  • The proprietary video format on the SD card does not allow playback if not using the phone app 

What Are The Main Differences Between This Security Cameras?

Top 5 Battery Operated Security Camera
Video Resolution
Two-Way Audio
Wide-Angle Lens
Night Vision
Free Cloud Storage
Alexa or Google Assistant Support
Configurable Motion Detection Included

2K + HDR



Yes, Color



Only by subscription


















Yes, IR




Among The Top Five Best Battery Outdoor Security Camera, There Are A Few Key Differences.
  • All the cameras has a 1080p full hd video capability, except for the Arlo.
  • Three of five cameras have 130-degree wide-angle lenses. The standout is the Arlo with a 160-degree view.
  • All These have a night vision option. The Arlo the only camera with night vision, and the CONICO is the only one with IR night vision.
  • Only the Argus 2 and the XT2 offer free cloud storage. The XT2 includes a year of free cloud storage.
  • Only the top 3 cameras – the Arlo Pro, Argus 2, and the XT2 – include support for either Alexa, or Apple Homekit.

How Does The Motion Detection Sensor Feature Work On My Security Cameras?

Most modern outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app include motion detection sensor(motion sensors) that will activate recording to storage or the cloud service and send an alert via email or push notification. Some cameras allow you to specify a motion-detection zone, which only focuses on key areas in the camera’s view, and potentially reduces the number of false or unnecessary notifications generated.



For example, you could indicate that motion detection sensor-triggered and alerts only occur when a person enters the area including and surrounding your front porch, or the driveway where you park your car. This feature comes in handy if someone steals a package from your front porch or vandalizes your vehicle.



Nearly all the examples we reviewed support adjustable sensitivity levels for triggering and alerts. The exception was the ZUMIMAL AP3. The only model that includes configurable zones is the Arlo.



However, like the other advanced features of the Arlo, configurable motion detection zones are only available with a paid subscription fee.

How Do I Know If My Security Camera Can Withstand The Elements?

Security Cameras and its models are weather-resistant (not submersible) and can stand up to almost any weather conditions that mother nature can dish out. You can check whether your outdoor security camera systems is weather-resistant by checking for the Ingress Protection code or IP Code ( in the camera’s specifications.


All the cameras we reviewed have an IP65 rating, indicating they are certified as sealed against dust (6) and jets of water (5). None of the cameras reviewed can withstand total immersion in water, which requires an IP67 rating.


The Blink CCTV is the only camera whose manufacturer suggests mounting the camera in a sheltered outdoor area, such as a porch or covered parking area, away from direct contact with rain or snow.

Do I Need Facial Recognition Or Face Detection For My Best Wireless Security Camera?

Facial detection allows a home security camera system to detect the presence of a human face. In contrast, facial recognition is when a cam can associate a face with a known individual.



Both have their advantages, not the least of which is reducing the number of falsely triggered and alerts from things like animals or passing cars. With a subscription fee, the Arlo allows individual configuration of vehicle, pet, or person detection. None of the other cameras have recognition features.



Facial recognition has other applications as well. Cameras that support facial recognition allow you to associate people with stored 1080p images of their faces. If a camera detects the presence of a known individual, it will bypass recording and alerting functions. 



Smart home-enabled cameras can even unlock the door for known persons such as family members, friends, and neighbors utilizing emerging technology in the Internet of Things (IoT) or internet connection ( domain called If This Then That (IFTTT) (

cloud storage

What Does Cloud Storage Do For My Surveillance Cameras?

Cloud storage is useful for storing and accessing from your security cameras, especially from remote locations. Many of the cameras we reviewed have an additional SD or micro SD slot for storage.



There were some mixed reports among consumers concerning ease of access to the stored on sd cards. None of the camera makers that support storage supplies an sd card(memory card) with their surveillance cameras.



storage removes the hassle and the guesswork about when or whether you can access the video quality. With two exceptions, the cameras we reviewed require a paid subscription for storage.



Some Considerations for Choosing a Security Cameras With Free Or Paid Cloud Storage: 


  • *All the plans (free and paid) store a limited amount of video and then overwrite your earliest videos.
  • *We think it’s sensible to examine the price and overall feature set of the cameras you’re reviewing, weighed against the paid storage option and ongoing costs.
  • *Compare the prices of the paid cloud services and whether they include other features with your subscription.

Bottom Line In Choosing Your Security Cameras With A Good Rechargeable Battery

a image of a wireless security camera

The evolution of home security cameras in recent years has given a significant boost to developments in battery operated security cameras. 



The cctv cameras we discussed all have built-in wi-fi and app support included, allowing you to receive push alerts and field of view (live) or recorded footage. Duplex (two-way) communication enables you to speak with the person on cam.



As the best battery-powered security cameras on the market, the camera models in this review have some or all the key features that homeowners expect from battery-powered cameras. 

  • Configurable motion zones detection
  • Cloud storage and playback
  • A weather-resistant housing or covering
  • Night vision function – some camera models have color image quality and IR technology
  • Facial detection or recognition
  • Built-in siren to intruder deterrent suspicious persons
  • Wide-angle lenses
  • Long battery life – from two to six months on a full charge
  • Optional free cloud storage

A Branded Security Camera

The brands reviewed are all companies with established track records, making the rechargeable battery camera and supporting systems as their main product line.


Some of the brands listed support Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit if connecting your camera to your smart home and utilizing IFTTT events is essential to you. 


All the cameras reviewed have IP65, allowing installation process in areas subject to rain, snow, and dust – necessary for any outdoor home environment.


With so many selections to choose from, which camera is best for you likely comes down to a combination of desired security features, the initial cost, and any ongoing subscription costs. However, if we had to point you in a single direction, it would be towards the Arlo Pro.


The Arlo ticks all the boxes necessary in a great rechargeable security camera, including many options others don’t have—such as a spotlight cam, extra-wide angle, 2K resolution two, and color night vision. If you’re looking for the best of the best, this is the camera for you.

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Here are some common questions readers ask about purchasing a battery powered wireless camera.

How Long Do Wireless Security Cameras Batteries Last?

Just like the camera system life expectancy, there are so many factors that go into answering this question.



For example, what kind of features does the security cameras have and do you use them all? Which company made the system and how old is it? Do you stream footage 24/7? All of these things will determine how long your battery will last and how often you need to recharge it.



Now, most of the bigger security camera system manufacturers claim that their batteries could last up to six months on a single charge, with normal usage. However, normal usage means different things to different people, so again, not everyone will have the same experience.



What Reduces The Battery Power Life

Most new wireless battery powered camera have features that can drain their batteries in a month. For example, if your security cameras are working in extremely low or high temperatures, it’ll affect how long they can work. Also, if the system is set in a low-light environment, the infrared sensors(motion sensors) will have to work overtime and they’ll drain your battery


How to Extend The Battery Operated Camera's Life

To ensure your security cameras stay running for a long time, always download the latest firmware. What’s more, adjust your motion detection sensors so they’re not overly sensitive and don’t stream 24/7 unless you absolutely need to. If you have a wireless system, make sure the cameras are close to the source and adjust your resolution settings.

Do Wireless Security Cameras Work Without a Power Supply?

Long story short — no, they do not. Every single outdoor battery powered camera system in the world needs some form of power to work. For security camera to work, they need to be either plugged into an electrical outlet or be fitted with batteries.



Even though you can’t power them without electricity, that doesn’t mean they’ll stop working as soon as the power goes out. In fact, since most of the security cameras are used for surveillance, manufacturers have anticipated their power supply being cut on purpose. That’s why most the security cameras actually have backup batteries inside them that will keep them recording for a while.



The Backup Features

Having a backup system and storage in case of a power outage is great because it ensures that the cameras keep recording. But during an outage, you won’t be able to plug into the security cameras directly to check the footage.



On the other hand, if the CCTV system has a remote viewing feature or removable storage, you can see what’s going on even if the power hasn’t come back. 



Just remember, the moment you remove the storage, the cameras will stop recording.

Even if your security cameras don’t have backup batteries or storage in them, don’t worry, all is not lost.



The best way to keep them running during an outage is to have a backup generator in your home or office. That way, no matter what happens, the cameras will keep rolling.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Battery?

Nowadays, most companies have made it easy for their customers — they put a simple USB port that you can use to charge your batteries. For the fastest results, you should plug in your USB cable into an adapter and an electrical outlet. That way, your batteries will need just a few hours to recharge.


But if you don’t have access to an outlet, you can plug the cable into a computer and charge it that way. Depending on your wireless security camera's make and camera models, you might need anywhere between four and ten hours before the battery is fully charged.


Charging Solar-Powered Batteries

If you live in a sunny area, you’ll probably get more energy than your solar powers can handle. That’s why it’s key that you have a charge controller that would convert all that energy and help your batteries store it.


Now, since not all batteries were created equal, the time it takes you to charge one can vary. It’s also going to depend on what the weather has been like in the past few days and what your solar panel wattage is.


But by using a digital display, you can clearly see the moment your output starts dropping. When it does, the battery is almost fully charged.

How to Buy a Battery Replacement for Your Security Cameras

The first thing you need to know about changing wireless security camera batteries is that they’re not “one size fits all.” Before you can buy a new battery, you should first figure out what kind of battery you have.



Also, check which type of battery your camera system supports. For example, some home security system only allow regular, non-rechargeable batteries, while you can put both types in others.



Then, you should check the voltage on your previous batteries. If you get the wrong one, you could potentially damage or destroy your outdoor security camera system.



Lastly, you should look at the size of the battery. Make sure it’s not too big or too small and always buy from an authorized seller. The most popular companies for wireless security camera batteries are Streamlight, GP, Panasonic, and Tenergy.



If you’re buying non-rechargeable batteries, I always recommend going to bigger marketplaces. But if you need a rechargeable one, it’s always best to talk to the company that sold you the first pair. It might have the same type on hand or could give you advice on where you should buy them.

What are my free cloud storage for security camera footage?

As noted, some security cameras offer an onboard SD or a micro SD card slot for storing recorded video footage. Depending on the brand and camera models, you can access the recorded video directly from a app or on the web. If you have privacy concerns about cloud video storage, you may want to explore cams offering local storage options. 

How long does the charge last on a battery powered security camera?

Many battery-operated units come with a 6000mAh battery that can last between two and six months, depending on daily recording usage. The outlier in this review was the XT2 with its 2-year battery. 

What external elements affect the battery power life of my wireless security cameras?

Several environmental factors can affect the battery of your security cam. 

*Extremes in heat or cold—check your cam’s documentation for the recommended operating temperature range

*Low-light environments require more power for IR sensors

*Frequency of motion-initiated actions every 24 hours

*Length of video

*Duration of live viewing

*Insufficient wireless signal strength 

Do battery powered security camera record continuously?

It depends on the manufacturer. Many battery-powered home security camera only record in short bursts after a triggering event such as motion detected. 


Check the security camera's specifications if having continuous recording is a desired feature. It offers a live streaming that is not recorded but is viewable through an app or web browser.