Top 5 Best Battery Powered Security Camera – (2019) Surveillance Wireless Cameras

Businessman with big batteryWith the best wireless security cameras, you can help protect your home or business from any burglar or intruders even without a power supply.

This wire-free surveillance camera system also makes the process of installation a lot better(easy), saving you time, effort, and mess of working with wires on your property and drilling holes for its use.

But, not all the battery powered security cameras are created equal. What you can find in the market can vary from design, style, and most especially, in the features and functions they can provide.

With a lot of choices available in the market, it can often prove to be tedious work in finding the best battery powered security camera surveillance that best fit your needs.

To help you achieve a more confident and assured choice, here’s a complete guide and review on how you can find the best battery operated security camera for your needs and preferences.

Our #1 Choice:

Battery Powered Security Cameras

Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren |...
  • 100 percent Wire free Free of power cords and wiring hassles
  • 1080p HD High quality video with sharper and brighter details
  • Flexible Powering Options Use wire free, plugged in. Rechargeable battery
  • Weatherproof Arlo Pro cameras are weatherproof so you can place them anywhere indoors and out
  • 7 Days of Free Cloud Recordings Arlo Pro comes with recurring 7 day free cloud recordings. Live stream or view recorded video and audio for up to 7 days

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If you don’t wish to read the whole article and if you are in a hurry here is our recommended list on battery operated security cameras:


Best Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera – A 5 Product Comparison Table

When we’re looking for the best security cameras, we want to make sure they won’t power down or lose footage. To make sure you’re buying the most reliable camera, we will present you with 5 of the best battery powered security cameras on the market.

Prices accurate as of:

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Best Battery Security Camera? Here Are 7 Things To Look For

1. High Definition Battery  Powered Surveillance Cameras

Security room in which working professionalsWhat good would a wireless battery powered surveillance camera system be if it only provides blurry and distorted video recordings?

The very important feature that should be on top of your list to look for in the best wireless battery surveillance camera is its video quality.

This feature is what differentiates a battery powered wireless outdoor security camera reviews from the sub-par ones.

As a rule, a CCTV with 720p high definition resolution should be enough in giving you crystal clear and detailed footage which is important in viewing human faces and other important details such as license plates.

Anything that is beyond this resolution value is even more ideal.

2. Better Power (Battery Life) Of Surveillance Camera

Battery with green leaf - eco energy conceptWhen it comes to a battery powered security system, the battery life of the cameras is worth noting. It would be your biggest concern as your surveillance system will cease to work if it doesn’t have any working battery.

As a rule, you should get a  surveillance camera that has a long battery life to keep you from the inconvenience and trouble from constantly recharging your CCTV batteries.

It will also help save you from worrying that your smart home surveillance is not working anymore because it has drained its battery.

Usually, you can find battery powered surveillance cameras with a battery life that can last for at least six months to a whole year, and it should be sufficient enough.

Battery-powered cameras can also differ in the process in which they can be recharged. This can either be through solar panels or with an outlet.

3. Night Vision Battery Operated Cameras

To ensure that your CCTV can be used and is effective 24 hours daily, a night vision functionality should be on your list of what to look for in best wireless battery powered outdoor smart home surveillance.

It allows the camera to take footage at night or in dimly lit locations that are still clear and looks illuminated which helps during days when thefts are more likely to occur.

The night vision function can differ in types of outdoor security cameras. They can either be starlight night vision or infrared night vision. At night time, the infrared night vision allows the cameras to see what is in their field of view clearly even if there is complete darkness.

They have infrared-cut filters that automatically lets more light in, producing clearer night vision footage.

The starlight night vision, on the other hand, is the newest type available in the market for CCTV cameras. They use natural light effectively to produce high-quality night vision images which are even sharper than what the infrared type can provide.

4. Weatherproof Types Are The Best Battery Outdoor Security Camera

Hand holding blue umbrella. Umbrella protection from rain. Flat style design. Vector illustration isolated on white backgroundOne of the things you have to figure out when choosing the surveillance camera is where you are going to put them. Are they meant for indoors or outdoors? Indoor and outdoor cameras can differ, especially on how they cope when placed in certain conditions.

Not all indoor cameras can be used outdoors as they aren’t usually weatherproofed. When you look for surveillance cameras to be used outdoors, weatherproofing should be part of a list of features you should look for.

It guarantees that the surveillance cameras can stand even in extreme weather conditions, leaving you nothing to worry about whether it is cold or hot outside.

You can determine how effective certain outdoor security cameras for outdoor use through its IP (Ingress Protection) rating.

This rating guarantees that smart home surveillance is dustproof and waterproof.

All in all, it would be ideal to go for a camera with an IP65 rating which means it has complete dust protection and protection from water jets.

5. Recording and Storage Of Cam Battery Wireless Surveillance

Surveillance ColoredRecording and storage are important things you have to consider when choosing the best wireless battery powered outdoor home surveillance. The main question would be where you want to store your footage.

Some battery powered home security cameras have built-in Hard Disk Drive for storage which can vary in storage size.

There are also others that aside from this built-in storage, there is an option to connect a Memory Card or Micro SD card or a USB for storage.

In addition, there is also cloud storage which can usually give you an unlimited amount of space for your footage archive.

Recording and storage mean you get to keep security camera videos you can playback when necessary such as when there are break-ins or can be kept as evidence to catch the culprit.

The amount of storage you need for your surveillance system will depend on several things such as the number of cameras connected to the network and the resolution for each camera.

If you are using a lot of high-resolution cameras, then they can take up so much of your storage space quickly.

6. Smartphone App Of  Wireless Security Cameras

Set of modern flat design icons for mobile application development or smartphone app programming. Interface elements for mobile apps concepts.The great thing about installing a wireless battery powered home surveillance system instead of traditional wired home security cameras is that they are easier to access remotely.

It also allows you to stream your camera footage from any connected device like your mobile phone with a smartphone app.

Moreover, it is even easier for you to remote live stream or playback footage whenever and wherever you are.

If there is a customized manufacturer’s app for your surveillance system, then the better. It is usually offered free of charge and is highly compatible with a lot of cameras.

They are also easier to set up on your mobile phone, user-friendly and come with more advanced features.  

By simply launching this app, you can automatically access your outdoor camera.

But, if there are no customized apps available, there are still third-party software you can use but they often come at a price, and you have to make sure it is compatible with your entire surveillance system.

7. Wi-Fi Range (Wireless Security camera)

Wi-Fi RangeIf you are going to install the wireless outdoor camera instead of the typical wired camera, the Wi-Fi range, as well as your internet connection, is worth looking into.

After all, these cameras use a Wi-Fi connection to be connected to the entire surveillance network. It depends on your internet to provide you access to remote live streaming as well as motion detection alerts.

How far you can put your camera from your Wi-Fi will also depend on your Wi-Fi range which can be between 250 feet to as wide as 450 feet, depending if there are any barriers like walls and bricks in between the camera and your router.

IP cameras tend to slow down your network, especially if it is overeating bandwidth, more than what your Wi-Fi can provide.

In this case, having an indoor-outdoor camera you can customize to a certain degree, like not taking up your broadband when the system is on standby mode, is always a plus.

Also, one of the main reasons for the best battery-powered home surveillance it is eating too much bandwidth is when they upload footage to the cloud for you to access remotely.

In this case, you can always schedule when and how frequent the cameras can upload videos, aiming for after the peak business hours so it won’t slow down your network.

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Best Battery Powered Security Camera (2) Types That Are Available Today (Wireless and Wired)

When choosing a battery powered surveillance camera, you have two options. You can get a wireless battery powered surveillance camera or a hardwired closed-circuit television system. Each of them has its advantages and drawbacks.

Pros and Cons

  • Ideal for use in remote places with no signal or internet
  • No interference from other nearby devices
  • Data transmission is more stable and doesn’t depend on the internet speed

  • Less portable
  • Needs a setup for wires and cables to connect the cameras to the video recorder and power outlet

Wired battery powered surveillance camera usually uses Ethernet wires to be connected to a video recorder or a home network router. This connection can be utilized for both power and data or video transmission.

The traditional hardwired surveillance camera is ideal to be used in places where the Wi-Fi connection is not stable or not strong enough such as in remote locations.

This type of connection will also not eat up your internet bandwidth; thus, making sure that your current internet speed won’t slow down significantly.

But, there can be a disadvantage in using wired closed-circuit television, especially during the installation. Usually, you will need a professional to install the system which is simply an added expense.

Also, you’ll need to drill holes in between rooms to connect the cameras to the router or the recording system which can be a lot disruptive.

Also, the number of cameras you can connect to the security system is limited, depending on the number of Ethernet ports that the video recorder has. If you have used it all, then you will need to buy a new video recorder to add more surveillance cameras.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy and quick plug and play installation
  • More portable
  • More flexible in the number of cameras allowed to be connected in the security system

  • More expensive
  • Possible Wi-Fi interference and connection disruptions

Wireless surveillance camera eliminates the need to work with long cables and to drill holes for them from one room to another. It means they are easier and simpler to install, something you can do yourself and without any disruption.

Aside from being fairly easy and quick to install, the most notable advantage of having wireless surveillance camera is the unlimited camera connections you can make in your surveillance system.

Unlike in traditional wired surveillance system that the connections are limited, that is not a problem in this one. As long as a camera is connected to the surveillance network, you can get it up and running.

But while this type of security system is extremely portable and flexible, they also have their drawbacks. They can be a bit expensive than traditional wired surveillance systems. Also, the quality and output of the CCTV will mainly depend on your Wi-Fi on internet connection.

If your internet is unstable, then there can be interference when your surveillance camera is recording footage. Depending on the number of cameras you have and the quality of each camera, a wireless security system can also eat up a lot of your bandwidth which can slow down your internet speed.

Bottom Line

Choosing between a traditional wired and Wi-Fi connection or wireless surveillance camera will mainly depend on your preference.

If an easy and quick installation is what you are looking for, something that will not cause a lot of disruption especially in an already established workplace, then a wireless surveillance camera would be ideal.

But, if you want to have an affordable but more stable network that won’t depend on how fast your internet connection is and problems of disruption during power outages where your router can’t be used, then going with the traditional wires security system is the best outdoor battery powered security camera.

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Best Battery Powered Vs. Solar VS. Wired Powered Operated Surveillance CCTV

Wireless surveillance cameras can be further divided into two types: battery powered and solar powered wireless surveillance camera. The only difference they have is where they get their power supplies.

Pros and Cons

Solar powered devices have become popular and widespread over the years, an environmentally conscious option that also helps reduce power or electrical consumption.

Usually, depending on the quality of the solar panels, this type of surveillance camera can very well provide 24-hours continuous surveillance from daytime to nighttime irrespective of strong wind or extreme weather condition.

The best thing about them is that they make use of sunlight to convert into electricity, significantly cutting a significant amount of electrical consumption, and saving you some bucks in the long run.

Also, it offers a certain level of flexibility, allowing you to use this kind of CCTV even in extremely remote areas that don’t have any electrical connection yet.

The only downside about them is when solar power has run out during seasons where there is no sun like during days or storms and heavy snow. In this case, you can’t power on your surveillance camera system, and they can become useless for the said period.

They can be a bit more expensive, too, compared to other wireless smart home surveillance camera.

Pros and Cons

Battery powered smart home surveillance camera is your safest bet if you want the wireless option. They are also far more affordable than solar powered surveillance cameras.

They are completely wireless so that is always a plus in terms of flexibility where you place them and the number of cameras you can connect to the surveillance system.

Usually, the batteries for this kind of surveillance camera can last for at least six months to a whole year which is sufficient enough. It makes sure that you recharge the battery at least once or twice a year which is not bad at all.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your battery power running out and even without the sun; your security system can still work continuously. And if you are really conscious about your battery running out of power at inopportune times, you can always keep a backup battery with you.

Choosing between solar powered and battery powered smart home cameras shouldn’t be that hard.

If you want an eco-friendlier option, This is ideal for you. It is also best if you are going to install the security system in remote areas without electricity or a power outlet like in barns and vineyards.

However, if you are looking for a more affordable and a safer bet for when there is no sun to get solar power from, then the battery powered smart home camera is the ideal solution.

When choosing between the best battery-operated and wired powered surveillance camera, the main question you have to ask yourself is if you want to have a wireless or a wired indoor outdoor camera.

Battery powered surveillance systems are completely wireless which means they use Wi-Fi or internet connections to connect the camera to the entire surveillance network.

And there is always an advantage for that. Depending on the Wi-Fi range, you can place your cameras anywhere in that range wirelessly or without having to run a long power cable from the camera to power output.

Also, you don’t have to install another electrical output to install a surveillance camera. And since they are not continuously connected to the power output, there will be no interference or camera shut down during power outages.

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What’s The Best Wireless Battery Powered Security Camera?

But, a battery-powered CCTV does run out of power which can interrupt the function of your surveillance. A good battery for this wireless system should have a lifespan of at least six months to a year.

On the other hand, wired powered surveillance cameras are more traditional. They are less expensive surveillance camera solutions. And while they can provide continuous power supply, given that no power outage happens, it has several disadvantages.

One of that is the disruption it creates during the installation process. Since these are wire connected cameras, you often have to dig holes to connect cables to power outputs or create an output extension for your cameras.

Either way, there are a lot of fixes that have to be done when installing traditional wired powered surveillance cameras.

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Why Choose A Battery Operated Wireless Security Camera?

camera surveillance from bbc news

The Battery powered wifi camera are truly wireless surveillance solutions, and there are several reasons why to choose them instead of traditionally wired security cameras.

Easy and Quick to Install A Battery-Powered Security Camera

Wireless security systems like battery powered ones have a fairly easy and often plug and play installation process.

It is something that any novice can do and without any professional supervision.

No Digging of Holes Required

Without the tangle of wires that you have to connect from the camera to the video recorder or the power supply output, you don’t have to dig holes from one room to another.

The camera can directly connect to the video recorder in the other room through Wi-Fi or internet connection.

More Portable and Flexible Of A Battery Operated Security Cameras

One of the advantages of a battery powered wireless network is you can easily move the camera since there are no cables attached to it.

Also, it gives more flexibility in terms of creating a whole network of a number of security cameras.

Unlike in wired systems that the number of cameras you can connect is limited to the number of Ethernet ports the video recorder has, that is not a problem with wireless surveillance systems.

You can connect as many cameras as you can in a single network given that your video storage capacity can accommodate storing all footage from all cameras.

The Winner

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Why Arlo Pro 2 Is the Best Surveillance CCTV For You / Best battery powered Wireless Security Camera

With Netgear Arlo Pro’s success and the rave reviews this surveillance camera garnered, it is not surprising that people are expecting a lot from the Arlo Pro 2. Well, with its top of the line features, you will not be disappointed. If you were impressed by Arlo Pro’s features like the best battery, geofencing, how it can work with other smart devices, and of course, the fact that it is a sound and motion activated the camera, then you are in for a treat. That’s because everything about the Arlo Pro that you think is good, just got better with the Netgear Arlo Pro 2.

Arlo Pro 2 is becoming in-demand for a reason. However, it is imperative to learn about its features and specifications before clicking that buy button. So, to know why this camera was tagged as the “best security camera,” I have elaborated more about this product here.

Arlo Pro 2

One of the Best Battery Powered Security Camera For Your Home or Business

Aside from the premium features that its predecessor comes with, there are also a number of upgrades that I personally love about this surveillance CCTV.

Here are the reasons why I think Arlo Pro 2 is one of the best surveillance cameras in the market right now:

  • It has a long range night vision surveillance CCTV feature that automatically turns on
  • It can be plugged in or used as a battery powered CCTV
  • It is weather-proof
  • It offers recurring free cloud recordings for up to a week
  • It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • It comes with Arlo Smart
  • It comes with a Look Back feature

These are some of the best features of this amazing CCTV in a nutshell. But since we are talking about the security of your home and the safety of your family here, I would like to give you a more in-depth explanation of how each feature works.

Outdoor IP Camera Battery With Night Vision and Two Way Audio

While the first edition Arlo Pro had a 720p limit, this second version of the popular CCTV goes up to 1080p security system recording and streaming. This is probably one of the most significant upgrades of the Arlo Pro 2.

However, it still comes with the same field of view which is 130 degrees. Because it comes with six infrared LED bulbs, it can deliver about 25 feet of clear black and white night vision video recordings that you can digitally zoom up to eight times. That means you can enlarge parts of the image easily. You can do this by either opening the video settings and then tapping on the zoom or pan option on your downloaded Arlo smartphone app.

This long-range wireless camera also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker. Not many wireless CCTV with audio allow two-way communication, but the Arlo Pro 2 does. The volume of the speaker can even be adjusted using the smartphone app. Communicating with anyone in the house is made easier by this camera!

What matters

The Best Battery-Powered Security Cameras Are Not Easy To Find These Days

The batteries of your cameras have to be charged full before they can be synced with the base unit (more of this later). You can easily top up the battery by either making use of the provided USB plug and lead or by directly connecting your camera into the USB port that you can find at the back of the system’s base unit. There’s a small light on the front part of the camera that turns blue when it is ready for syncing.

WeatherProof Wireless Security Cameras With Audio

A lot of homeowners are a bit hesitant to invest in CCTV  because they believe the kind of weather they have in their respective areas is not a suitable environment for surveillance cameras. I’m glad to tell you that you would not have to worry about that with this exceptional wifi camera. The Arlo Pro camera is absolutely weather-proof. So you can easily position them anywhere you like, whether it be indoors or outdoors. You would not have to fear that your money would be put to waste should the weather go bad.

Arlo pro 2 best battery security camera

Free Cloud Storage for The Best Wireless Security Cameras

The free package that comes with your Arlo Pro 2 allows you to receive 7 days of video for up to five battery-powered cameras. Everything captured by any and all of your security cameras in 7 days can be live streamed and recorded. This is a recurring thing.

If you think you are going to need more than five cameras, then you might want to opt for either the Premier package or the Elite package. These two, however, do not come for free. The Premier package offers unlimited support and 30 days of storage for up to 10 cameras. The Elite Plan, on the other hand, provides twice the storage (60 days) and unlimited support for up to 15 cameras!

If you have the first gen Arlo Pro, then you already know that the cameras only start recording videos upon detection of sound or motion. If, for instance, you are going away for a certain period, you may choose to subscribe to one of their CVR plans that would give you 24/7 non-stop recordings. I believe you can choose from 14-day, 30-day, or 60-day plans for one or more of your CCTV.

Ready for Use With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

The Arlo Pro 2 allows you to enjoy the convenience of a voice command. It now works with Google assistant and Amazon’s very efficient Alexa. It also works with If This Then That(IFTTT) applets and Stringify. I honestly find that they work well with my other smart devices at home.

With a Fire TV or Echo Show, one can quickly view any video from any of their cameras via Alexa voice commands. This highly-advanced surveillance camera can also be included in a home automation system, and it would work without any problems.

Arlo Smart For Really Intelligent Powered Security Cameras

Arlo Smart truly makes all the difference and sets this particular wireless camera apart from its competition. Trust me when I say that you would surely like how it lets you customize almost anything and everything – from the zones to the alerts you can set, to the emergency responders that would be contacted directly from your smartphone!

One of the best things about this and perhaps the most useful one is its integrated alarm. Most CCTV (that are cheaper) are only good for reviewing recording clips after they are recorded. So, let’s say a burglary happened. You couldn’t do anything much except check the recordings for that particular day and hope the burglar does not come back.

You can do so much more with an Arlo camera. You can simply program it so that if the camera detects a sound or a motion, the system’s “smart siren” would sound off loudly. That means all the people inside your home would be alerted and any trespasser would definitely be alarmed!

Netgear Alro Pro 2

Look Back Feature For Even Better Security Camera Battery Operated

Just when I thought the Arlo Pro 2 could not get any better, I discovered its Look Back feature which I think is a pretty neat feature. This smart function makes use of what is known as a pre-buffering technology that allows the cameras to record three seconds of movement or activity before the detected action or sound.

There is also the Activity Zones, a feature that makes the whole security system even more customizable as you can now zoom in on any specific spot on the field of view of your camera. When this feature is set, your camera will only record and alert you when a sound or motion is detected in those specific zones.

Note, however, that for these particular features, the camera needs to be directly connected to a power source.

Physical Design of the Wireless Security Camera

You can get the Arlo Pro 2 in either the two-camera kit or the four-camera kit. Every kit includes the cameras, a base station, a power adapter for the base station, a power adapter for the cameras, a cable, an Ethernet cable, rechargeable battery packs, metal wall camera mounts, mounting screws, and a printed instruction manual.

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How Does the Wireless Surveillance CCTV With Audio Look?

Alro Pro 2 Audio

This new version of the Arlo camera looks almost exactly the same as its older brother except for a noticeably smaller front panel. It stands 3.1 inches and weighs just 4.8 ounces. It has a sturdy white camera dome cover or housing that meets wireless IP 65 waterproof standards.

This outdoor security cameras also has a magnet in the back part of the enclosure, making it easy to attach it to the metal camera mounts and even other metal surfaces for that matter. Well, you can actually just put it on top of any flat surface, and it would work.

You would find two buttons on the top part of the camera. One is for syncing, and the other one opens the compartment at the back for the battery. You may ask, “What is the best battery for a battery powered CCTV?” To answer this question, Arlo uses a Lithium-Ion battery.

As what was previously mentioned, the included battery packs are rechargeable, and they can last you up to around six months. You also have the option of using your Arlo Pro 2 camera with the AC power inside your home.

This wireless camera allows two-way audio communication. In line with this feature, the camera is designed with a tiny speaker and a microphone found on the bottom of the camera.

Now let’s talk about the base station. It’s 5 inches high and almost 7 inches wide. You will find small LED indicators that signal for camera connectivity, internet connection, and power. Like the cameras, there is also a sync button on the base station. At the back are the ports for USB drives and LAN, as well as the buttons for power and reset. This is where you’ll find the power jack, too.

The base station houses the wi-fi circuitry and the loud siren that can go off when the cameras detect any sound or motion. Of course, you would have to set this action. That means you also have the option not to have an alarm go off.

This base station is one of the things that makes the Arlo different from other surveillance CCTV brands.

Alro pro 2 view

Just like other cameras from Arlo, the Pro 2 also makes use of the same app that you can download from iOS or Android devices. Aside from making use of an app, you can also use a web browser. You will see all your installed cameras on the home screen. Each one will display their own battery level, the strength of the signal, and any sound or motion detection.

You will also notice that there is a gear icon for every ‘camera.’ If you tap on that, you will then launch the settings screen where you can do your preferred customizations. You can also do a motion detection test here.

There is also the play button that would take you to the live streaming option. Once the screen shows the live images, you can manually take a picture, record, mute the sound, or start a two-way conversation!

Tapping the Library button or icon would take you to your compilation of snapshots and recorded clips. The Mode icon lets you activate or deactivate or simply adjust the sensitivity of the motion and sound detection, enable or disable alert notifications, and more. You can also use this to configure the geofencing mode.

Your account information and the list of those who are granted access to your security system can be found in the settings page. When you tap the Devices icon, you will be taken back to the home page.

How to Install and Use the Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Compared to other home security systems, the Arlo surveillance cameras are quite easy to install and set-up.

alro with alexThe first thing that you need to do is to download the app and create your user account. Once this step has been done, you can then move on to the physical installation.

Since the kit already has everything you will ever need to use the WIFI cameras, you will not have problems like having to buy cables or adaptors. Simply use the included LAN cable to connect the Arlo base station to the router in your home.

Turn the base station on and wait for the LED indicators for power and internet connection to turn green. When you see it, simply tap Add Device in your app.

This should be easy because when I did this setup, my base station was instantly recognized and registered to my account. Prepare your wifi cameras now. Insert the battery packs into all the cameras.

I like that all the batteries are fully charged and ready to use, so there is no need for long hours of waiting to get the batteries running. The next step would be to sync the cameras to the base station. To make sure that it would go smoothly, I suggest you keep the cameras within 3 feet from the base station (just for this stage).

Press the sync button that you will find on the base station. It could take a few seconds for the LED indicator to show that it is ready but once it is good to go, press the sync button on your first camera.

Wait for the syncing process for the camera to finish before you move on to the next. Now, all that is left for you to do is to find the perfect spots for you to mount the camera! This should not be hard because you can mount them anywhere, whether it be inside or outside your home.

And because they’re sturdy and weather-proof, you don’t have to spend hours looking for a spot where they will not be affected by harsh weather elements. I noticed that the included magnetic mounts in the kit are very sturdy so they should be safe to use. Anyway, you can always have your IP cameras freestanding on a table or shelf if you want.

Alro Pro 2 in the Rain

I’d say the features, the physical build, and most importantly, the quality of the recordings of this Arlo flagship surveillance CCTV systems are all impressive, for sure. If you compare it to other surveillance systems in the market at present, you will find it difficult to find one that offers all the features that the Pro 2 provides.

What I like most about this wireless smart home surveillance camera system is that it allows me to customize the way I use it. Not only can I control how and when the Arlo cameras would work, but I can also activate or deactivate alarms depending on my needs.

The quality of the live-streaming and the night vision option are also incredible. Of course, the fact that the materials used for the cameras and even the magnetic base are sturdy, I have peace of mind knowing that I would be able to benefit from my investment for a really long time.

Alro pro 2 By Jimmy Lin

Arlo Pro 2 vs. Blink XT – A Quick Comparison in Choosing The Best Wireless Security Camera

While there are a number of smart home surveillance camera manufacturers right now, the one that is often compared to Arlo cameras are the ones from Blink. Both are known for incorporating the most innovative technologies in their products and for the durability of their home security cameras.

When you compare the way they are set-up, I’d say they both win as both the Arlo Pro 2 and the Blink XT can be ready to use in under 10 minutes.

Design-wise, I’d say both companies exerted effort in making sure their smart home surveillance cameras blend well with any home design concept or theme. However, aesthetically, I lean towards the Arlo Pro 2.

The design of Blink XT is very simple. It is just a regular rectangular black box. However, some might like it because it can easily be hidden if needed.

Arlo Pro 2‘s design for me is more sophisticated and modern-looking. It could easily pass up for a decorative item. This is one of those rare times when style doesn’t get in the way of function and vice versa. I also prefer its smaller size. So Arlo is the clear winner for me here. But of course, when it comes to aesthetics, it all boils down to personal preferences.

Let us now move on to features. While Blink XT does come with an array of similar features and its performance is good, too, it just falls short when compared to what Pro 2 offers. The advanced technologies that go into this camera system from Arlo do not only allow easy identification of any intruder but may even aid in stopping the intrusion itself.

Even when it comes to performance, Netgear Arlo Pro 2 proves to be the more superior wireless smart home surveillance camera. It delivers clear images and clips thanks to its 1080p HD feature. Its two-way audio is also hard to ignore, and even the ease of customization makes the use of this system so much more convenient.

Last update on 2019-09-17 at 20:00 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Arlo Pro 2: The Verdict (Is it the best battery-powered security cameras?)

We live in a world where the security of our families and homes should not be taken lightly. Netgear Arlo Pro 2 understands that. And more importantly, it provides us with all the best features necessary to make sure that we feel safe in our homes. So, is it the best wireless smart home surveillance camera that you can find?

My answer is yes. At present, you cannot find any other surveillance camera that can deliver the same performance as this amazing security cam does. It does the job and goes beyond what is expected. What more can you ask from your smart home surveillance camera?

Last update on 2019-09-18 at 04:49 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Best Battery Powered Security Camera (5) Full Product Reviews

1. Arlo Pro 2 (#1 Choice A Popular CCTV)

Arlo Pro 2

Design and Build

The Arlo Pro 2 battery powered wireless security camera system is a wire-free solution with some considerations.

While the cameras are wire-free connected to the base station, the base station has to be near and connected to the Wi-Fi router using an Ethernet cable.

When it comes to the camera, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use especially with the IP65 it comes with which ensures it is both waterproof and dustproof. Each camera included in this system features a microphone and a small speaker which allows for two-way audio.

Aside from capturing videos, these cameras can also record audio as well as act as a speaker system.

The cameras come with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with options to charge it separately from the camera or still inside the camera using a USB cable that can be attached to the port at the back of the device.

Since this system is wireless, the installations fairly easy and with the option of access to the surveillance system through a downloadable Android and iOS application or the web.

However, it is worth noting that you can’t access the surveillance system in your phone and computer at the same time.

Video Quality

By far, the best feature of the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is its video quality. The camera can capture 1080p High Definition videos which are absolutely excellent but also with an option to reduce the video quality if you want to skimp on the battery or storage of the camera.

Although it has a field of view that is fairly lessen than other cameras, its 130 degrees’ field of view is still not something to look down on.

Moreover, if you have several cameras connected in the surveillance network, you can label each camera through the viewing options using your connected mobile phone or computer.

What’s more, is that the Arlo Pro 2 also have an 8x digital zoom which allows you to get every bit of the image or footage.

Arlo Pro 2 Video

  • Higher resolution with an upgraded 1080p sensor
  • Very long battery life that lasts several months after a single charge
  • Available local storage option

  • Wake up is slow and often takes 7 to 8 seconds
  • The nighttime video is a little too dark
  • Cameras can get foggy after rain

Other Specs and Features

The Arlo Pro 2 also comes with several other features such as the night vision mode, allowing the camera to capture footage at night or in dimly lit areas. The two-way audio it comes with is also a bonus.

Aside from recording what is happening in its field of vision 24/7, the Arlo Pro 2 is also about detecting motion with an option to send you notifications or completely disable this feature at a certain time of the day.

Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren |...
  • 100 percent Wire free : Free of power cords and wiring hassles. 1080p HD High quality video with sharper and brighter details
  • Activity Zones : Highlight areas in your camera's view where you want to receive motion alerts (Available when plugged in and used indoors). Camera range is up to 300 feet line of sight. Wireless...
  • Optional 24/7 Continuous Video Recording : Upgrade to keep nonstop recordings in the cloud (Available when plugged in and used indoors)
  • 3 Second Look Back : Capture activity 3 seconds before a triggered event (Available when plugged in and used indoors).Night vision:850 nm LEDs illuminates up to 25 feet,IR cut off filter
  • Works with Amazon Alexa/Echo Show/Fire TV/Google Assistant : View your live video with a simple voice command. Works with IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and more
  • Arlo Smart adds powerful intelligence to your Arlo cameras. Customize alerts to detect people, specific zones, and contact emergency responders right from your smartphone's lock screen (optional...
  • NOTE : Kindly refer the Specification Sheet [pdf ] , User Manual [pdf] which is available below for assistance

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Lets Go Deep!

2. Reolink Argus 2 (A Best Seller)

Reolink Argus 2

Design and Build

The Reolink Argus 2 is a compact security camera which can rotate and tilt in all directions. It features a magnetic half ball mounting base that gives it free motion functionality.

The camera is fairly small, and most of its size is taken up by its rechargeable battery which lasts for at least 180 days on standby mode.

When used at full capacity, the battery can run up to 16 hours with the option for recharge of the battery while it is still attached to the camera system with a USB cord you can connect at the back.

There is also an optional solar panel recharger you can purchase separately which can be necessary for outdoor use.

The Relolink Argus 2 has a micro SD card slot at the side and a speaker and microphone at the front.

The camera comes with an IP65 which ensures it is completely weatherproofed from dust and water, a perfect option for outdoor use.

Video Quality

The camera features 130 degrees’ field of view and a CMOS 2 MP sensor which allows it to capture good video quality. Either in indoor or outdoor daylight, the camera can capture and produce accurate and bright videos.

But, there are cases that outdoors videos have a little bit of pixelation due to overexposure, but the indoor daylight videos are completely sharp.

Another best thing about the video quality of the Argus 2 is its two-night vision modes. It has the traditional infrared night vision that makes use of six IR LED which can acquire soft black and white videos.

It also has a skylight night vision mode which is even a step up to the infrared night vision. In this mode, the camera can capture better exposure and impressively vivid color video.

Reolink Argus 2 Video

  • Good video quality at daylight
  • With color night-vision video
  • Interactive and very flexible alarm scheduling
  • With very few false alerts

  • No cloud storage available
  • Security alerts close down other app interactivity

Other Specs and Features

The Reolink Argus 2 also comes with several more features and functionality even in its small size. It is equipped with a PIR (passive infrared) sensor which can help the motion detection.

Also, there is a scheduling option where you can decide when to turn on or off the camera. You can also modify alarms, setting it on or off for different segments of time daily.

Moreover, the Argus 2 also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS which is simple and easy to use. There is also a client software you can download on your computer to access the surveillance system.

Reolink Argus 2 - Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera, Solar-Powered...
  • Wireless Installation - The Argus 2 can be easily mounted and installed both indoors and outdoors, eliminating the need for professional help. Can work with Google assistant.
  • Rechargeable Battery, Solar-Powered - Users save tremendously on battery replacements thanks to a built-in micro USB port. This allows the Argus 2 to be charged by a universal 5V 2A power adapter or...
  • 1080p Full HD Video Display and Improved Night Vision - Equipped with 1920×1080 resolution, the Argus 2 captures smooth, crystal-clear videos. Starlight image sensors installed in this outdoor...
  • Instant Playback - The Argus 2 supports the use of micro SD cards, allowing users to store files locally and add up to 64GB of space to their wireless security camera. Recorded videos can be replayed...
  • Standalone Setup and Operation - Users can install and operate the Argus 2 by directly connecting to a 2.4G wireless router. This eliminates the need for a security base station. Comprehensive voice...

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3. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Design and Build

When it comes to physical design, the Nest Cam indoor is not your typical surveillance camera.

It has a sleek gray metal stand with a black camera eye. It has a stable base and a slim leg that holds the lens in place.

The base of the camera has a magnetic plate which gives it the flexibility of being placed anywhere such as in a flat surface, stuck on a fridge or a metal surface or a tripod.

The camera has a micro USB port at the back which you can connect to a plug or any device with a USB port such as your computer or laptop.

Video Quality

While this camera is slim and small and is only ideal for indoor use, its video quality is top-notch.

The camera can capture 1080p streaming video, giving you crystal clear and high definition images.

Also, the camera features an 8x zoom and a wide angle lens, producing footage that is tough to beat.

The Nest Cam also features enhanced night vision, making use of eight LED to pick up an impressive amount of image detail even at night and low light conditions.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Video

  • Excellent video quality with a 1080p sensor
  • Impressive night vision and nighttime video quality
  • An easy and quick setup process

  • Can be a bit pricey with extra features available with a monthly subscription

Other Specs and Features

When it comes to features and functionality, the Nest Cam indoor smart home surveillance, no matter its small size, has a lot to offer.

It provides you access to its surveillance settings through a mobile app or a desktop interface where you can tweak its settings such as enable or disable motion and sound alerts from detected by the camera. It also has a scheduling feature which allows you to put your preference in terms of time you want the camera to record videos.

The Nest Cam indoor can double as your baby monitor with its two-way audio capability which allows you to listen and talk through the speaker.

Another notable feature of this smart home surveillance is its compatibility with other devices from Nest as well as several third-party devices.

Nest Cam Security Camera 3 Pack Indoor Color: Black Style: Nest Cam...
  • Nest Indoor Security Camera (Pack of 3)
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera (Pack of 3) - Magnet Stand - Wall Mounting Plate - Mounting Screws - Window Decal - USB Cable (10') - Power Adapter - Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Nest Indoor Security Camera (Pack of 3) - 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • 1 Year Extended Warranty in Addition to the Included Full Manufacturer Warranty

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4. Blink Indoor

Blink Indoor

Design and Build

The Blink indoor CCTV camera is a completely wireless solution; a very small camera you can easily mount on a wall or virtually anywhere without needing to plug it in.

The system comes with a sync module, an accessory that can communicate with the remote services of the Blink camera without draining its battery.

The Blink camera, while might be a small one, is packed with features. For one, it can record audio, giving footage more life and detail.

Video Quality

The Blink security camera is your typical handy and portable indoor surveillance system with impressive video quality.

While its video resolution might not be as high compared to some high-end and expensive surveillance camera, its 720p is sufficient enough in capturing high definition and crystal clear footage.

The camera’s 110 degrees is also not a shame, giving you quite a wide field of view of the corners of a room.

It also has a night vision capability with the use if a LED illuminator with an advanced low light performance, giving you’re giving your video with distinct color at night or in a dimly lit room instead of the typical black and white night vision videos.

  • High-definition 720p video resolution
  • 110-degree field of view
  • With motion detection
  • With night vision capabilities

  • Can take some time to install and make it work
  • No two-way audio

Other Specs and Features

The great thing about this indoor CCTV  is it is easy to access remotely through a mobile phone with its readily downloadable Android and iOS app. Once you have downloaded the application, and with a strong wireless connection, you can easily tweak the surveillance system settings and watch live feeds of the cameras.

The Blink indoor security camera also comes with motion detection, and once an event is detected, it automatically starts recording, and the footage will be stored on the cloud server.

However, it is worth noting that this surveillance camera can’t detect motion through a glass. There is also an arm and disarm feature in the surveillance system which allows you to control the camera manually.

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video,...
  • MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion detector is triggered, WIFI cameras send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud
  • BATTERY POWERED SECURITY SYSTEM: Wireless home camera with 2-year battery life, powered by 2 Lithium AA 1.5v non-rechargeable Lithium batteries (included), data is sent from IP cameras over Wi-Fi
  • SMART HOME SECURITY: Simple self-install home monitoring in minutes; easy control wireless cameras with the included iOS & Android apps or via voice through our Amazon Alexa Skill!
  • ADVANCED HOME SURVEILLANCE: Home and pet monitoring in real time with video camera "Live View" streaming mode
  • FREE CLOUD STORAGE: Totally wire-free, with no monthly fees or service contract required. (Requires iOS 10.3 or Android 5 Lollipop or higher)

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5. Blink XT

Blink XT

Design and Build

The wireless Blink XT is a minimalist device, small enough that the camera can fit in your hand.

While the previous Blink XT is ideal only for indoor use, the Blink XT is good whether you put it indoors or outdoors.

Video Quality

The most notable feature of the Blink XT from the previous version is its significant level up on the video quality.

This security cameras system can capture 1080p High Definition video with its 110 degrees’ field of view.

The daylight indoor videos from this surveillance are well detailed and clean without any distortion.

On the other hand, outdoor videos where daylight isn’t as well controlled, there are sometimes difficulties in backlighting, but the videos are still acceptable.

Capturing footage in dimly lit areas or during the night is also pretty impressive in this indoor-outdoor camera.

It doesn’t use IR LEDs light most surveillance cameras. Instead, the Blink XT simply turns its infrared filters off which block the infrared light during the day. This way, the camera can capture both IR and visible light when it is at night vision mode.

The tiny microphone that comes with the camera is also effective in capturing audio within the 5 to 8 feet range from the camera.

  • Small and inconspicuous camera
  • Affordable
  • With free cloud storage

  • No two-way audio
  • No web portal you can access a computer
  • No speaker

Other Specs and Features

The Blink XT is feature-packed, and that includes motion detection and temperature alerts. The camera, while it cannot detect noise or face, has excellent motion detection and can send alerts rather quickly. It can also monitor a room’s ambient temperature, displaying the findings in the Settings screen but with the option to turn alerts on and off.

This smart home surveillance also offers to schedule, allowing you to arm and disarm segments as you like as well as define specific sections of time in a day.

Moreover, the cloud storage for Blink XT is completely free which is a nice turn from the lack of local storage of the camera. And while no web portal can access the surveillance system remotely, it does have a mobile application that can work for both Android and Apple devices.

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1 Camera Kit - 1st Gen
  • WEATHERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR OR INDOOR USE: Place and move your wireless Blink camera anywhere around your home both inside and out. Start off with a small system and expand to up to 10 cameras on one...
  • MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion detector is triggered, Wi-Fi cameras will send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud
  • BATTERY POWERED SECURITY SYSTEM: Wireless home camera with 2-year battery life, powered by 2 Lithium AA 1.5v non-rechargeable Lithium batteries (included), data is sent from IP cameras over Wi-Fi
  • SMART HOME VIDEO SECURITY WITH HD VIDEO: Simple self-install home monitoring in minutes; easy to control wireless cameras with the free Blink Home Monitor iOS or Android app (Requires iOS 10.3 or...
  • FREE CLOUD STORAGE: Totally wire-free, with no monthly fees or service contract required

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Bottom Line (What do you think now? Found the right battery powered surveillance camera?)

The best wireless battery security camera is completely wireless which means they are portable and with extreme flexibility in where you put them, their plug and play installation process, and the virtually unlimited number of cameras you can connect in a single network.

While there is different battery powered wireless surveillance security cameras in the market, this guide on the features and functions to look for in the best wireless security cameras should help you choose the ideal surveillance solution for your needs.

Best Battery-Powered Security Cameras

Our #1 Choice:

Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren |...
  • 100 percent Wire free Free of power cords and wiring hassles
  • 1080p HD High quality video with sharper and brighter details
  • Flexible Powering Options Use wire free, plugged in. Rechargeable battery
  • Weatherproof Arlo Pro cameras are weatherproof so you can place them anywhere indoors and out
  • 7 Days of Free Cloud Recordings Arlo Pro comes with recurring 7 day free cloud recordings. Live stream or view recorded video and audio for up to 7 days

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Other Recommended Battery Operated Security Cameras:

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